Saints Row vs GTA Revisited

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  1. perhaps, but...

    story and protagonist don't make a game, but a movie.

    personally i don't find gta4's story & protagonist special or loveable,
    might contain spoiler of gta4 & vc below: (text in white)
    betrayed by boss & "friends", then kill them. VC does the job

    um...really? besides the open world gangster style,
    SA u can recruit gang member, invade rival gangs' territory, spray graffiti, tattoo, change hair style, katana...etc
    SR2 got all those and improved upon them (further customisation [e.g. colour choices], improved combat [pick up fire hydrant & throw at people lol & throw people into sea])

    almost everything in SA can be done in SR2 (but remove the time consuming stuff [gym, building relationship stats, hot coffee], minigames [basketball, snooker], flying & dive deep in sea)

    none of these can be done in gta4, thats why i find gta4 is huge steps backwards, boring & forgetable
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  2. Well..GTAIV is not the worst GTA You can probably see it just from the storyline what makes GTAIV bad was just the optimization itself..and GTAIV is not from 3D era But HD Era But GTA:SA was From 3D era
  3. my answers from previous posts:
    details on what else made gta4 huge steps backwards is explained in the post above yours
  4. But why worst tho? Cant you call it just Bad? or A huge backwards like you said.. because if its the Worst GTAIV it wont be really Popular
  5. if i compare gta4 with other gta (besides sa),
    VC got more & better melee weapons (fucking chainsaw!), house purchasing, gangs, sea battles & arguably better city etc
    (i completed vc twice in 2003, can't rmb every details but i enjoyed it, would love to replay if time allows.
    i completed gta4 once, didn't not enjoy it, always hoping the next mission would be fun)
    LCS & VCS are similar to VC. tried them on emulator but i prefer shooting with mouse, waiting for fan-made port.
    GTA3 is the great ancestor who changed our gaming history, didn't have those add-ons from the later VC & SA, perhaps nostalgia makes some impact, but not taking seriously makes it fun (that's what games are for afterall), flying tank cheat, tank drive & shoot mayhem,
    even just messing with police back in the days was fun.

    from my experience, every other 3d gta is more enjoyable than gta4 thats why i call it worst.
    if i want a serious shooting game, i'd go for CoD.

    "popular" no longer means good in this era. just look at the so called popular "music", Taylor Shit, Justin Bieber, One Direction. (vomiting now)

    gta4 rode the success of SA, personally i think gta4 is very overrated
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  6. it seems that this is going nowhere you see that we are a different person, we played the game differently , and also i totally Agree About the Popular thing But GTAIV is released in 2008 Its Popular because its Physics , Car handling , Details, and Of course The Bad optimization

    and im sorry i couldnt find the perfect words to reply to your messages because im still learning english so i hope you forgive me for my Bad Language..
  7. don't worry.
    its nice to talk to u :)
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  8. umm Thank you very much:)
  9. I respect your opinnion but I feel these are quintessential ingridients, especially for a 3D sanbox game, it is the glue that binds you to the world. The authentic bond that the writers created between the Saints is one of the highest praises I think this series deserves. GTAV for example IMO included a trio of bland one-note characters (Yeah, I get it Trevor is a respresentation of you-the player, he still sucks) including Franklin who after the jewllery heist story wise was there for no reason other than fan service for GTA:SA players, it was a major turn off for me, and one reason I never bothered finishing the campaign.

    I'd say this was a stylistic choice taken to increase immersion in Niko's story and character arc, in the Ballad of Gay Tony DLC you do see a more OTT style return.

    I don't think turning up for Roman's wedding would have the same gravitas if Niko came sporting a pink mowhawk and eyepatch lol. But I do understand why people would be disappointed by their ommision.

    Eh, I'll concede that lol. I quite enjoy playing ten pimp bowling in SR2, getting a ton of pimps to chase me then mowing them all down with a large inaminate object.
  10. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    On a serious note:
    At this moment in time, with the Coronavirus pandemic raging in New York City, streets closed, businesses shut down, people sheltering in their apartments, and hundreds of deaths, somehow GTA IV feels more like real life and real life feels more like a post-apocalyptic video game. :(

    I never thought I'd be saying this, but it gives me some comfort playing GTA IV right now...

    Stay safe, everyone.
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