Saints Row The Third: SR2 roots mod

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  1. Hello people, welcome to the Saints Row 2 Roots Mod


    Why the name 'saints row 2 roots mod'?
    Its a name I made up, because this mod is basically an expansion to what was previously known as 'Advanced Notoriety Mod'. The reason the mod name changed is because it no longer covered the entire purpose of it.

    The mod now basically tries to put back the overall style of Saints Row 2 in the third game; a bit more realistic, while still being crazy and fun.

    What are the features of this mod?
    There are some features this mod has to offer.

    1. New notoriety levels
    The notoriety level system for both police and gangs has been changed entirely. There will now be less police at lower levels, but more at higher levels. The SWAT will now also actually use snipers and flash bang grenades. Roadblocks are also more advanced then original ones.

    Gang spawning has been changed as well, with no more brutes, more gangsters and three new specialists.

    2. New gangs
    While the original SR TT gangs were a bit to the crazy side, this mod gives them a more 'real' feel.
    The morningstar remain pretty much the same, a maffia based gang.

    The luchadores are now a motorcycle gang, with bikers driving around on the Estrade motorcycles.

    The deckers are now a typical street gang, with gangbangers walking around their neighborhoods and driving tuned cars.

    Each gang also has a reselected arsenal of weapons.

    3. Edited traffic spawns
    The mod also has changed the spawning of each type of ped and traffic vehicle for each neighborhood. Mascots/gimps/strippers are now only for certain prespawned places. Vehicles will now spawn in the appropriate neighborhoods, for example, the Reaper will now only spawn in neighborhoods with a Cathedral or Gothedral, the Ambulance will only spawn in neighborhoods that have a hospital.

    The mod also has changed spawning amount, with suburb areas being pretty much empty during nighttime, while the Downtown neighborhoods will have maxed out spawns during daytime, causing for streets filled with life.

    4. Increased difficulty
    The mod also increases overall difficulty. Bullets now deal much more damage, making cover needed during big shootous. Police will now also fire out of their cars at higher notoriety levels and enemies are a little bit smarter then before.
    Your health also regenerates slower then before and you can not take thousands of bullets with you any longer, ammo is more expensive as well.
    The upgrades will be tweaked as well.

    5. Better zombie cheat
    The Zombie cheat has been improved. It now includes different type of zombies. There will be regular zombies, Gat zombies, Brute zombies, regular and motorcycle cop zombies, SWAT zombies and SNG zombies. Each zombie acts differently then other zombies. The undead practically can't die from bullets in the body, but one in the head is enough to kill them. There are some exceptions though, for example the motorcycle cop zombie can take two headshots. SNG zombies are able to survive explosions and take more damage, SWAT zombies can also take more damage due to their body armor, Gat zombies deal much more damage and Brute zombies are faster and tougher then the regulars.

    6. Some other stuff
    After studying some other XTBL files from other mods, I have brought some fixes to this mod. One example is the audio for the Scythe, which has been fixed, by making a change at the audio line of the vehicle.
    I also edited some prices as well as weapon stats.
    There will now also be less Saints walking along the streets, so no longer 20 Saints in every street.
    I also have some other cheats, like a cheat which removes all traffic/pedestrians and another cheat which adds a whole lot more cops on patrol.

    To further enhance the experience, I suggest using this mod together with:
    Hevon HD Textures texture pack fixed.rar
    A SweetFX preset (I personally use this one)

    Special Thanks
    Volition - Making the game offcoarse, but also answering some of my questions and helping me with the cops shooting out of their cars.

    IdolNinja - Answering my questions and helping me with the cops shooting out of their cars feature and giving me permission to use parts of his mods if needed (I compared the XTBL for the Scythe from his mod, to find what was wrong)

    Shitface - For allowing me to use parts of his mods if required (I used one of his XTBL to find how to make NPCs punch faster. I also used his weapons.xtbl as a base, because it was more structured then the original one)

    Mordred - For allowing me to use his 'Men In Black' police uniforms in my mod.

    Derekleet - For the beautiful logo for the mod.

    The rest of the modding community - I was able to add some features, like making the temporary weapons storable, using another mod as an example so I have an idea which files I have to edit. And most important of all, being able to extract XTBLs etc...

    Final Word
    This mod still can use improvement and you can help. Play the game and if you find bugs, please report them here. I am aware of certain bugs which I will look into. Also be aware, this mod is NOT story compatible yet, I am getting crashes on that part.

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  2. gave the mod a quick razz, liking what i see so far, (OMG the cops can actually aim now xD)
    loving the increased difficulty, cops are hard as hell now

    also i think i may have noticed a bug, no matter how hard i try, i cant seem to get more than 3 shield police notoriety, not sure if this is even a bug or not

    good job :D
  3. Glad you like it :) And for real? I'll check it out again but notoriety should be able to go above 3 shields. Just kill a few cops, I don't know exactly how much, I think about 10. Or blow up a heli.

    Also keep in mind there is a small delay in notoriety. For example, if you kill a person, the notoriety will be added a few seconds later. I did this so the police wouldn't show up within 5 seconds ;)

    EDIT: I just checked it out myself, was able to get to 4 shields. Like I said, try again, kill as much cops as you can. I had to cap about 10 of them.

    Also happy you like the fact the cops are harder now, just wait till you get to 4 shields ;)
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  4. The next update is in the making. I am taking a look at the upgrades, I'm removing the unlimited health ones and am making the effect of other health upgrades smaller, because there should be a challenge. Other upgrades are being tweaked as well.

    I am also editing weapon upgrades. I'm currently taking a look at the grenade launcher. The level 1 fires flashbangs, the SWAT uses them. I am looking to make level 2 fire regular grenades, so explosive grenade launcher will be reintroduced.

    EDIT: Done, the grenade launcher will come with a level 2 upgrade which will make it fire explosive grenades.

    I also have some other goodies incoming. The Cyber Cannon will now have very powerfull strikes, being able to blow up a heli in 1/2 hits and the air strike gun now fires a lot more projectiles on a larger radius, at the cost a longer charge time and the strike taking a bit longer to reach the surface.
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  5. just tried it again and managed to get 5 shields, not by shooting and blowing shit up but by a hostage diversion, have you increased the time on those btw i got 2:40 one xD
  6. yes I have :p I'm busy on the next update, it has some crazy updated weaponary ;D
  7. The next updates will have all weapons tweaked. Some weapons have been increased in power, the airstrike for example. Weapons now also have more recoil and firing rate has been adjusted as well, the AR 55 will fire faster now then it already does.
    As mentioned before, the grenade launcher now has a level 2 upgrade which makes it fire frag grenades.

    I will also take a look at weapon upgrades and vehicle handling in the future. I will release the next update in the coming days and a next update surely is possible.

    p.s. also thanks to Derekleet for the mod logo, really adds a nice touch to this page.
  8. hello yorpie.

    i like your mod. but would like the original saints row 3 gangs back. what file do i have to remove from the mod folder?
    and is this compatible with the no random cash mod and earn your dlc mod?

    PS also the cops try to fisticuf me at level 3 heat. is this normal?
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015
  9. Hmm, well for the original gangs it would take some work, I'll make a version with the original gangs instead.

    It defenitly should be compatible with earn your dlc mod, never heard about no random crash mod.

    And about heat 3 cops, what exactly do you mean? Normally they only try to shoot you with their pistols, at least for me. If you try to grab a police officer or SWAT officer then they will push you back though.
  10. sorry for my extreme late reply ive been of saints row for a while. as the mission dont work and was tired of trying what to do and what not.

    ''And about heat 3 cops, what exactly do you mean?''
    the cops just try to run up at me and try to beat me with their fists.

    and thanks for your reply
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