Saints Row The Third: SR2 roots mod

Discussion in 'Other mods' started by yorpie, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Download the 'sr2 roots fix', that has a different notoriety_spawn.xtbl.
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  2. thanks I will try that.
  3. its really awesome but I can only play on a load not create a new game idk how to make a game with this bug
  4. I really like this mod but my game keeps going into a loading loop after a cut scene...any idea what could be causing it? I also have the Rare Vehicles Cheat by [V] IdolNinja
  5. Yeah, for some reason the game crashes when starting a new game :/

    I'm currently back to editing the files, the result will probably be something similar to this mod, perhaps an update perhaps a new one. I thought it might be good to start from scratch after all the things I've learned. I'll try to make it story compatible, I'll see what I can do.
  6. Crash on loading a saved game. i'd really like to test this mod please help?
  7. a new game results in an infinite loading :/

    edit: My game was in an infinite loading, I tested each separate mod file and I noticed that the file "items_3d.xtbl" has a problem, I delete it and since then the game runs normally (but sometimes occurs a crash)

    sorry my bad English :x
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  8. the mod work just great except for those annoying duplicated minigun firing sound when the STAG show up, the sound just not going away
    and the zombies, they can die from body shot ?
  9. archit258

    archit258 Pirate

    my game crashes as i start it and says .exe has stopped working...
    pls help i am using saints row non steam version on win 10:(
  10. HA Pirate
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