Saints Row: the Third - Launcher with Advanced Options

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Gameplay Crush, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    Google Code no longer allows projects to have downloads, that's why it's gone.

    It was an oversight that it was never asked to be attached to the forum in the first place.
  2. PlayaOfGames

    PlayaOfGames Modding patch tester

  3. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    In fact, I can.
  4. PlayaOfGames

    PlayaOfGames Modding patch tester

    Oh awesome it lives again wish the guy who made the launcher come back and update it more if he could and make one for Saints row 4 and maybe for Saints row 2 if its possible even thought they don't have launchers there's always a possible way to make one.:)
  5. Please do would you do such a launcher Saints Row 4. I bought the game can not be set to the minimum details that I did not fall for Saints Row 3 helped me your launcher.
  6. a launcher without ability to read existing configuration file is as good as trash. Add that ability before update it for SR4.
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