Saints Row: the Third - Launcher with Advanced Options

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Gameplay Crush, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. I found it rather annoing that i had to browse to the config file to change settings everytime i changed a setting ingame since the ingame options do not have all of the settings and/or group them toghetter so they get reset.
    So i made this launcher.
    I made it to expand/colapse so everyting looks pretty much the same.
    Just extract zip to your "Saints Row: the Third" Installation folder.



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  2. Sorry to let you down, but the game crashes during save-loading if the anti-aliasing is set to 16x MSAA.
  3. It works fine if your system can handle it.
    But uhm... what resolution are you playing on that you need 16x MSAA anyways :p
    The higher the resolution the less need for AA
  4. That's pretty clever. Thank you for this.
  5. Hmm...the setting depends on DX9 or DX10&11 you select. It's convenient.
  6. Uploaded new version
    1. Added 4096 shadow map size
    2. Fixed TRILINEAR setting.
  7. Uploaded new version, please post if theres any issues
    1. Added Windowed (borderless) option
  8. Great work man, thanks very much!
  9. Is this option actually built into SR3 or something your launcher does? I looked in the display.ini included with the game and didn't find any option for a borderless window mode.
  10. no its not build in, my launcher changes the style of the window.
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