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  1. first off I want to say this is Fan of Saints idea for the mod and i'm mearly posting this to get help from others using what files I have. The basic original concept in the beginning in 2009 was that the luchadore gang was supposed to be the Oiran Gang ( basicly an oriental prostitution ring lead by Suko aka kiki ) and the Morningstar were supposed to be an all mens gang running a gun smuggling operation. Atleast that's how I've gathered it so far. So what I've done at this point is replaced all luchadores with Oiran ladies and they roll in tweaked out Camaro's( aka phoenix) that I've tweaked to the max. The Morningstar is now an all mens gang.
    Suko now looks like this wearing the Oiran symbol:
    Screenshot11521.jpg Screenshot12163.jpg
    And they roll in cars like this with the girls being 4 times as good of a shot and deadly as hell( so if you are not invinsible you better hide behind something and I don't recommend a car)
    Almost forgot, saints now constantly show up to back you up in afight wether its a survival or otherwise and roll in the nyte blayde car
    My problem at this point is I don't know how to change the name of the luchadore district or anything else for that matter to Oiran and the 4 dr pickup still spawns at gang operations evn though every day spawn and chases they roll in the tweaked Camaros. Looks like this:
    Screenshot22604.jpg Screenshot23320.jpg Screenshot26457.jpg
    So I could use any and all help at this point from anyone willing that knows the game files.
    I want to point out again this whole project is for Fan of Saints and was his idea, i'm just trying to help out.
    Point all credits to him as I have just made a very minor dent in what we are trying to achieve here.
    This is an alpha version to get help from any moderaters willing to complete the project. An asm updater is provided if you need to add these files to any mods you may have.

    My other problem is I can't get as many of them to spawn rolling around the district. I want to triple how many of them roll around in the cars.
    I've already tripled how many show up in survival and in a third of the time and they don't have brutes ( just deadly and sexy) bad combination:p

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  2. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Huh, I didn't really do anything on this mod yet, I just wrote an article about this Oiran gang. ;)
  3. Yeah but it was your idea and I've only made a minor dent and your outcome would probably be better than mine;)

    It means a lot to me that you like my work.
    People like you and others here keep me trying.
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  4. This is an optional character list I modified. I created a much sexier shaundi, retextured kinzie with the sexy secretary look, replaced jonny gat with super gat from sriv and pierce replaced with super pierce from sriv.
    Screenshot4330.jpg Screenshot4100.jpg Screenshot6385.jpg Screenshot6101.jpg
    Simply add to the main directory and update the character containers with asm updater provided. I just added this for some new variety to the game look of the characters

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  5. I fixed the roadblock issue but the suv are still popping up at the gang operations:(
  6. Heeyay

    Heeyay Modding patch tester

    Don't feel down, you're making progress.

    I started looking in the files I have as of now, I hope I don't have to dip into the other packfiles.
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  7. Main files you need are in misc_tables.vpp_pc
    Other than that I'm frying my brains here trying to do this:p. I think I know how to fix the bridge cutscenes but it won 'the be easy:(.
    I have to dig into the cutscenes.vpp file and edit the mission players and vehicles and crash the game another 300 times:p

    Did you even download what I have so far?
  8. I do appreciate you trying to help:). My brain is fried at this point and I'm afraid if I try to change the luchadore to Oiran I'm gonna crash the game completely:p. By the way, it's realy testy about saved games, so back up your data first then toy with it. I started a new game and things started spawning correctly ( though I somehow ended up with saints rolling around in stolen cars:p).
  9. Heeyay

    Heeyay Modding patch tester

    I haven't had a chance yet, I'll do it when I get home today.
  10. No problem;). I'm making progress:p. The Morningstar gun dealers now roll in black limousines and don't have brutes, they have rollerbladers:p. Fun to watch 100 limousines chasing you:p. And I increased the time the Oiran show up and how many. It's a blast watching them blow each other up while I'm just standing there in the crossfire:p. And the Morningstar look like real rich gun dealers now, black and white tuxedo looking outfits;)
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