Saints Row: The Collection - By: XB36Hazard [Save Editor]

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  1. cool thats super awesome cant wait till the save editor gets updated :)
  2. Update
    • [Added] Saints Row: The Third & Saints Row: The Third Remastered
      • Home
        • Spawn Locations
          • 3 Count
          • Airplane Hangar
          • Angel's Gym
          • Burns Hill Reactors
          • Kinzie's Warehouse
          • Rondini's Boat Dock
          • Safeword
          • Saints HQ
          • Shaundi's Loft
          • Stree [Luchadores | Baranec]
          • Zimos' Pad
        • Weapons
          • Melee
            • Stag Riot Shield
            • Urinal-Invisible
            • Saints Pow
            • Shark-Invisible
            • Apoca-Fist One Hand
            • Blowup Doll-Invisible
            • Nocturne VR
            • Cricket Bat-Invisible
            • Tiki Torch-Invisible
            • Police Riot Shield
          • Pistol
            • Laser Pistol
          • SMG
            • Auto Laser
          • Explosive
            • Luchadore Grenade Launcher
            • Laser Cannon
            • Mollusk Launcher
            • M2 Grenade Launcher
          • Special
            • Shock Hammer
            • Brute Flamethrower
            • Swarmitron
            • Brute Minigun
            • Shock Hammer VR
          • D-Pad
            • Quarter - Circle Punch
            • Infant Ammo
            • Dual Weapon
      • Character
        • Replace Character from different Saints Row games
      • Cheats
        • Reorder
      • Diversions
        • GPS Shortcuts
        • Barnstorms & Stunt Jump
      • Missions
        • Completed Co-op
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  3. Awsomee!!!! There is half super powers in there but super sprint sadly tho but still good job on the editor and also what are super fists in the weapons section on the home?
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  4. Latest update gets stuck loading Garage, and still inflates memory ... upload_2020-6-27_11-7-39.png
    Happens with ANY save...but here is the one I tried with your latest update.

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  5. New Update
    • Fixed issue with Saints Row: The Third saves getting stuck on loading garage.
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  6. Kinda wish there was a new update that added more stuff to it, it would be super awsome but still a good job on the save editor.
  7. and I found a bug where I cant load up my saints row 4 saves when I load it up and this what it shows because it didn't do this until my dlc was added in my game.

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  8. Jmi


    Hey guys, if you want to add the turretless n-forcer from the My Name is Cyrus Temple mission to your garage, I've uploaded the file to this post. It's for the SR3 Remastered

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  9. Haven't been able to use The Collection since initial release, finally able to load a memory hole. YAY!
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  10. I hope there is gonna be a new update to the save editor just hope to see alot of stuff in the editor that would get me excited and hyped for when a new update releases.
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