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Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by XB36Hazard, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Is new game plus for SR4 possible? Would love to see female boss in opening scene.
  2. Any news on the save editor?
    What's the deal with XB36Hazard's software ?
    I read the above post about "active keylogger" and Reddit has a load of posts basically saying best to avoid it ,don't use it.
    Apparently it started a few versions back and has been that way ever since (according to comments).

    That "GTA5" save editor actually downloads save editors for various games in the one program to
    C program filesx86
    Dead Rising 2 Save Editor
    Dishonored Save Editor (New)
    GTA III Save Editor
    Mafia II Save Editor
    All save editor exes have the hidden attribute set on them.
    So your average pc user wouldn't know they're there.

    Also got a "whea uncorrectable error" bluescreen shutdown though not necessarily related.
    WhoCrashed scan results:
    "The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver that cannot be identified at this time."
    I did this testing on a PC that's about to be formatted so it won't cause any long-term issues for me.

    Anyway ,anyone know if this true about the keylogger or whatever else it might be doing ?

    Not saying I/We don't appreciate useful free software/tools but sometimes 'free' comes with hidden costs.
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  4. They are wrong. There is no key logger. GTA Save Editor used to grab a users "user_id" from the registry for save wizard so they could use the PS4 Decrypter that was implemented in the editor. I ended up using my own list of keys instead but never removed the registry check. The decrypter and getting the registry id has been removed in last couple of updates. Save Wizard has removed their Tweets about the issue.
  5. Ah ,thanks for the reply XB36Hazard.
    I realise these things can sometimes blow up on the internet and take on a life of their own :)
    The info is appreciated and big thanks for your very useful tools.
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