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Saints Row IV clothing in Gat out of Hell

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Minimaul, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Arioh

    Arioh Modding patch tester

    you need first to remove "helmet" - thats what is Kinzie's head - "helmet" over custom char's head. Use option to remove all clothes
  2. Thanks! its working :)
  3. SkaterSaints

    SkaterSaints Pirate

    what about saints row 3 clothing ports in Gat out of hell?:rolleyes:
  4. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    This might be doable too. It depends on how many slots there are left - there's only a fixed number available.

    I'll look into it.
  5. I tried to download it but it's not working it just gives me a "page failed to load" Message
    (never-mined about what i stated i just had to refresh the page. :confused: (me when i found that out))
  6. I'm having a problem Customizing my character. when i'm in "Image & Design" thanks to expanded arsenal 666 edition. When i try to recreate my character after words it just show Gat or Kinzi( which ever character I am when i use that hotkey.) when i exit any category for the creation it just reverts it to ( insert character Name Right here.), I need help can someone help me.
  7. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Remove all clothes from your character in Planet Zin menu.
  8. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    I've released beta 1 - this includes working cloth sim files for all of the items that need them. They are automatically converted from SRIV's cloth sim to the newer format in SRGOOH.

    This means that this clothing is no longer rigid or static! :)

    Please let me know if you find any items that do not work.

    Edit: the tools used to do this will be released shortly.
  9. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks, Minimaul! This is really great to see! One of my favorite clothing features has always been the cloth sim. :)
    (I haven't tried it yet, but I will. I was so happy to see this I had to reply right away)