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    After a good weekend, I've got all of the non-DLC clothing from Saints Row IV into Gat out of Hell! :)

    This first release is a test release, but it seems to work - a few other people have tried it and it works OK!

    301910_screenshots_2015-02-08_00001.jpg 301910_screenshots_2015-02-07_00004.jpg 301910_screenshots_2015-02-07_00002.jpg 301910_screenshots_2015-02-07_00003.jpg 301910_screenshots_2015-02-07_00012.jpg 301910_screenshots_2015-02-07_00013.jpg 301910_screenshots_2015-02-08_00005.jpg 301910_screenshots_2015-02-08_00004.jpg

    Clothing items that were DLC in Saints Row IV are not included - this includes items like the amazon outfit, the anime pack, the pirate pack, and a few more. You'll notice some of the head items for these are - they were included in Gat out of Hell already.

    Beta 1 now has cloth sim files converted from the SRIV to SRGOOH format - items using cloth simulation should now work normally!
    Some items in Saints Row IV had parts that wobbled, waved in the wind or trailed behind them.
    Gat out of Hell has a newer version of Volition's cloth simulation and it doesn't work with the old files. I've supplied a "dummy" cloth simulation file for these items - this means you can wear them, but they are rigid instead. These items are:
    1. Elegant Couture
    2. Oktoberfest Skirt
    3. Gang Leather Top
    4. Go Team! Skirt
    5. Wake and Bake Hoodie
    6. Bad Kitty
    7. Nyte Blayde
    8. Sim Heroine
    9. Retro Shaundi
    10. Morningstar Soldier
    11. Bloody Canoness
    12. Hot dog
    13. Samurai Armor
    14. "Z"
    15. Super Panda
    16. Altar Boy Cassock
    17. Funtime! Top
    18. Werewolf
    19. Catwalk Scarf
    20. Modern Coat Jacket with Tie
    21. Special Investigator
    22. Naughty Bunny Slippers
    23. Bath Robe
    24. Acid House Hat
    25. Happy Raver Pantz
    26. Rave X Kandy Konstruction
    27. Stratagem Combo
    28. Baggy Shorts
    29. Cardinal Robe
    30. Space Princess Top
    31. Not so Wicked Suit
    32. Funtime! Suit
    33. Sim Suit
    34. Ultor Assassin
    35. Toilet
    36. King Style Blazer
    37. Decker King Jacket
    38. Anime Kitty

    How to install:
    Before you can install this mod, you must install another mod first.

    REQUIRED - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell:
    This mod enables character customization in Gat out of Hell. You'll need to install it and make sure it works before you install this mod.

    OPTIONAL - Female Player Animation Replacer for SRGOOH:
    This mod replaces some of the altered animations in Gat out of Hell with their Saints Row IV versions. Without this female player characters look quite odd. This mod is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    OPTIONAL - On foot radio (RadioEnabler):
    This mod not only allows on foot radio, but it can also prevent Gat out of Hell from forcing you to be Gat or Kinzie when you join a co-op game. This mod is optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    Once you've downloaded the mod, extract it. It's a fairly large (about 300MB) 7z file. One of my testers had problems extracting it using WinRAR. If you have any problems, try 7-Zip instead:

    You'll have three items:
    • mods
    • customization_items.xtbl
    • readme.txt
    Copy the files in the "mods" folder to the "mods" folder in your Gat out of Hell directory.

    Copy the customization_items.xtbl file to your Gat out of Hell directory.

    If you don't know where your Gat out of Hell directory is, it's usually at:
    32-Bit: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Saints Row Gat out of Hell
    64-Bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Saints Row Gat out of Hell

    You should be done!

    If you have any problems, post below!

    This mod is 300MB and too big to attach to a forum post.

    Download link:

    Beta 1: Added cloth sim items using converted cloth sim files.
    Alpha 3:Added cloth sim items using dummy cloth sim files.
    Alpha 2: Added all non-DLC clothing items without cloth simulation.
    Alpha 1: initial test version.
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  2. This is awesome! Thanks!
  3. Yeeees! Thanks and thanks again!

    You sir, are The Man.
  4. Thanks for this awesome mod! I never realized just how much clothing there actually was in the base game alone until now. But I noticed the walking sound effects seem louder than usual when wearing any imported shoes for some reason. It's really noticable when walking on a street or sidewalk. It doesn't seem to do it when wearing a suit with attached shoes though. Is it just me?

    EDIT: Doesn't seem all shoes are affected. For instance the Bad Girl Boots don't change and aren't loud at all. But all the sneakers like the Broseph Shoes for example sound like combat boots stompn' around.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  5. What happens when you switch your character between Kinzie and Johnny while in the original boss' form? Like does it revert back to Johnny/Kinzie or do you see 2 main boss' in the game at once? Or does it crash the game if you switch?
  6. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    I really hadn't noticed that! SRGOOH does do some odd things with audio though - the radio volume is insanely high for instance. I'll look into this, but don't get too hopeful!

    Kinzie and Johnny Gat are in the game as clothing items that go on top of your player character. When you switch character, it changes the gender of your player character to match, removes all their clothes and puts them in the special Kinzie or Gat clothes. This still works just fine.
  7. Awesome job bro :D

    Is it possible to transfer undergarments from SR4? :p

    Also, you mentioned in other thread about some minor issue you are having with Elegant Coture outfit?

    Could you tell me what's that issue?
  8. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member


    Game crashes when i load the game....:(

    I have installed the mod properly...Copy pasted contents in mod folder into Mod folder inside GOOH directory and customize.xbtl file in main GOOH directory....

    Iam also using V6 of Erza mod and the animation mod...Plus Black Kinzie Tshirt and pants mod...


    OK this Mod crashes when i use it with thelaughinganon Black Kinzie pants and T Shirt mod

    Mod was working fine once Black Kinzie T Shirt and pants mod was removed...If you wish to play as BOSS then don't install that mod...And If you wish to play as Kinzie then don't install Minimaul's clothing mod....

    One more issue - Game crashes if you try to switch to Kinzie after switching to GAT...You can't switch once this mod is installed or game will crash...


    Is it possible to make this mod work with Black Kinzie Tshirt mod?

    Also, can we switch characters without crashing the game?
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  10. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    I'm going to take a wild guess and say that mod comes with a customize_item.asm_pc too? If so, a crash is not unexpected as the mods will conflict.

    As for the crash after switching characters, I've not seen that but I'll test it later.
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