Saints Row 3 and 4 Zone File Tools

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    Well, it would take a LOT more work to get to a level editor, but I was hoping to be able to at least add and remove things. But I had a long-standing goal to remove the door to the Syndicate Tower garage, and I finally accomplished that with this tool, so my primary objective was achieved. But I like the work you're doing a lot! Keep up the great work!
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  2. Okay maybe someone finds this useful online degree-radian quaternion converter-visualizer. SR games are using radians, also values can have e, so this means *10 in degree minus number after e
    Also, this converter also is good. The game uses Y axis as vertical.
    20180527062909_1.jpg 20180527063917_1.jpg
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    You can use these zone file tools under Linux with Mono.

    Ubuntu 18.04:
    Ubuntu has a Mono runtime package you can just install and use very easily:
    Code (Text):
    apt install mono-runtime
    mono SRReadZone.exe
    This will install the Mono runtime package (you only need to do this once) and then run the SRReadZone tool and display the usage message.
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