SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

This might just be me getting on in years, but after trying out the Brighter Future update I think there's actually *too much* side-stuff, like to an exhausting point, though this is more of a general open world knock than SR5 specifically, just feeling tired when it comes to grindy-feeling progression.
So much for Co-op being fixed. 4 attempts to play Co-op and all were met with game breaking bugs. What a nightmare.
I've been here for a while, why is no one making mods? Is modding impossible this time?
There's no official mod tools available for the game as of now and modding for the other games is still going on.
Is modding impossible this time?
As has already been stated, people are waiting for the modding tools.

SR2022 seems to have been a disaster when it comes to sales, so we'll see if they ever bother making modding tools at all. They may just want to focus on another game that isn't a financial failure, after patching SR2022 into actually working properly.