Saints Row 2 Roots Mod

The mod is performing really well so far.

I've included some cool things.

The zombie cheat has been updated.
Now there will be no more traffic/civies, only zombies. They will be pretty low in numbers during daytime, but there will be a lot more during nighttime.
Some new zombies have been added as well.
Except for the four regular zombies, you will now also encounter the zombie brutes.
You may also encounter the Gat zombie.
There now also is the police zombie (double health)
Motorcycle cop zombie (Requires more then one headshot)
SWAT zombie (Triple health and more headshot protection)
National Guard zombie (Triple health, more headshot protection, can take one explosion and doesn't get hurt by chainsaw)

Normal zombies die by one headshot, however they can take quite a few bullets in their body, so aim for the head.

Traffic spawns have been reworked.
Traffic and pedestrian spawns have been reworked, for each neighborhood. Some examples:
Maxed out peds and cars in the Downtown District while some of the abandoned rundown neighborhoods will be nearly empty during nighttime.
Ambulance only spawns in neighborhoods with a hospital
Blaze firetruck only spawns in neighborhoods with a fire station (Sunset park and the airport)
Reaper hearse only spawns in neighborhoods with a cathedral or gothedral
Taxi spawns have been increased

Ho's now only spawn at night in the low income neighborhoods
Businessmen and women now only spawn in the Downtown district during daytime
Punkers and bikers now only spawn in the Carver Island district
Club peds now only spawn in New Colvin
Street cleaners and garbage trucks now only spawn during night and morning time.
Hobo's now only spawn in the rundown neighborhoods, they will be more in numbers then during daytime.
Some of the more 'criminal' looking peds now only spawn in the low income neighborhoods.
Workers now spawn in road closed parts only.
Mascots, BDSMers and strippers no longer spawn in the streets. You still can find them on some locations though.
Saints gang members still spawn, but in much lower amounts then previously though.

Police have been reworked.
Police patrols have been reworked. Foot patrols only in the Downtown district, lower amount of patrols in the rundown neighborhoods. If there is a police station in a neighborhood, their will be a higher amount of patrols.
At the airport, police will patrol in Knoxville security cars. Police will patrol in marked police cars but also in unmarked undercover cars (black, gray, white, red or blue)

At the lowest notoriety level, police will only try to take the player out with stun guns or with their fists.
Police still use the KA-1 Kobra as their main weapon, however at notoriety 3 or higher, police might carry an Ultimax shotgun or even an AR 55.

SWAT will now use KA-1 Kobra's, DHT4 Blossoms, Riot Shields, Ultimax Shotguns, AR 55s, McManus 2015 sniper rifles and grenade launchers (which fire flash bangs) They will also drop flash bangs when dying.

Except for the Lockdown, Bear, Eagle and Tornado, the SWAT will now also use the Commander police boat (no longer used by regular cops). They also have received their own peacemakers and will also use unmarked black Opressors.

Regular police cars now are completely clean, no dirt and also have their rambar removed. The unmarked cars have no longer any markings and will appear in five previously mentioned colors. No bars at the back side windows, no rambar and no lightbar on top, its pretty hard to spot if you don't pay any attention.
SWAT Peacemaker appears with a rambar, SWAT blue color and tinted windows.
SWAT Lockdown has been restyled as well, it looks much better now in my opinion.

Roadblocks have been restyled again.

I've made some changes to the AI as well. They will now ram you more often at higher notoriety levels, they will be a bit better during fist fights and during gunfights the AI will always try to find cover and then pop out, fire some rounds, get back in cover, reload and then repeat the process. If they can't see you anymore they will imediately get out of cover and advance on your position, giving you less time to regenerate health. Enemies with shotguns are more likely to charge you and one hit kill you if they get close enough. They will also care a bit more about their life, so for example when throwing a grenade or aiming at them they will take cover. Enemies also shoot a bit better then before and deal more damage. Regular enemies have about the same amount of health as the player, except for some exceptions like SWAT units and gang specialists.
I'm also trying to find a good balance between difficulty and fun. You die pretty fast, a couple of shots and you're dead, so you have to play more carefull, take cover during gunfights etc...
Shotguns are one hit kill from a short distance and a sniper rifle can also kill you in one shot, so watch your back.

Weapons are being tweaked as well. Their damage to NPCs and the player has been changed, as well as some other stats. Rocket launchers can gib enemies, AR 55 fires full automatic, SMGs have less weapon spread,...
The XTBLs will also be compatible with BadMadScientist his 'All weapons in freeroam' mod, so if you add the files from his mod which aren't included in mine, you will be able to use some special weapons, like the Shark, Blow Up Doll, behemot Sword as well as the Laser weapons from the Gangstas In Space DLC (if you own it that is). A link to this mod will be included in the description of my mod. Links to a good HD texture pack as well as some SweetFX settings will be included as well. (These aren't made by me, I just provide the link)
I will also rework weapon upgrades, weapon prices etc...

All three gangs have been changed.
Luchadores represents a biker gang
Morningstar represents the mafia
Deckers represents a street gang

All three gangs now use their own new vehicles, their own set of weapons and have their own specialist. All three gangs have also a reworked notoriety system.

I am also busy with reworking the homies by setting their health and weapons as well as choosing the vehicle they show up in. Reviving homies also takes longer now.
I will also include a lua file which will lower the bridges, bring Arapice Island back like it used to be, remove aircraft carrier wreck, put the morningstar and decker boats back in the water, remove Sunset Park STAG base, bring back Magarec Statue, fix the Saints HQ color and repairs the Morningstar skyscraper in Henry Steel Mills (purple neon at night).
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Well, since this mod doesn't yet have logo, and because I was bored, decided to make this. You can use this as the logo of your mod if you want.
Sorry for the long wait, I have posted the files in mod released now. Some things are not included, like the custom car variants, because to much of those and the game would no longer spawn certain cars like the SWAT APC unless I actually spawned it myself.

Also thank you Derekleet, I have added the logo on the mod page and have added you to the 'special thanks' list.

To all of you reading this, if you can, install the mod and provide feedback if you want, it would be appreciated. A group of gamers can spot more bugs then I can by myself.
I am starting from scratch. I've learned quite a lot on how things like notoriety work since I've started and there most likely were also a lot of unnecessary files in the mod that got mixed up in there, so I'm starting from scratch and I'll see how far I get.

I have included a test in this message, it basically includes the files for the new notoriety level. The National Guard is included again at 5 shields, it just takes some effort to get to that level. :) Feel free to download, test (and maybe report back). ;)


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Okay, I'm working on some cool features :)

Some new features:
When you reach police notoriety level 5, the National Guard raises all drawbridges around the Downtown district. All traffic/pedestrians will disappear from the streets until the notoriety is lowered.

When you reach gang heat 5, STAG is activated. They will patrol the streets and will replace the police notoriety spawns. The Daedalus and Thermopylae will also be spawned on the map, as well as the STAG base in Sunset Park. The gangs themselves pretty much stop spawning, but gang notoriety 5 lasts 24 realtime hours, so you are able to roam around the map with STAG and when you've had enough, just enter a crib to lower notoriety and everything will be back to normal. I am still adding this, but you'll most likely be able to drive around town and see groups of gangs fighting against STAG.

I also removed the instant notoriety level when entering Sierra Point, so you can roam around if you want, perhaps with the NG uniform on :) This also means that the level 1 and 2 spawns will be utilised for the base.

That's some of the stuff I've been working on. I also recreated the notoriety spawns for all factions from scratch. The overhauled traffic spawns I took from the previous build, as I'm happy with those. I've also reworked the zombie cheat again. :)
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