Saints Row 2 Roots Mod

Take your own advice and be patient. Modders do this stuff in our spare time and have actual real lives outside of modding just like everyone else.
yeah but I'm just curious when it's gonna be, if it's gonna be this month or not, because I wont have time with start of july, the summer will be beginning and then I'm leaving to america
Specnaz, your best option is to find something else to occupy your time and then check back every now and then.

I know if I was Yorpie, your constant insistence on this would push me even further away from wanting to get it done.
"You want it so bad, do it yourself," so to speak.

It'll come when it's done. Don't rush it.
alright already, you dont have to be so tough on me jeez, Im just bored.. a man cant even write to yorpie, everyone has to interfere immediately.. no offense
Please tell me what files are responsible for the prices of clothing, weapons, etc?

For the clothing it is customizable_items.xtbl and for the weapons it is store_weapons.xtbl which both of them can be found inside misc_tables.vpp_pc.
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man looks awesome!! i totally support this proyect! i hope u can use some meshes of SR4 like the vice kings gang
When do u think it will be completed

Well it is pretty much done, I'll possibly upload it tomorrow.

EDIT: Okay, so it is done, I just need to sort out which files that should come with the mod and also make sure I don't include any other mods by accident. There will be some things from other people included, like the black police uniforms and cops being able to shoot through the rear passenger seats windows, but I have gotten permission from the authors to include those.
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