Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admixon, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. i still cant wait its been soo long this is going to be the best
  2. Sr1 stuff not planed. Only fixes for sr2 and dlc. For "sr1 stuff" need to wait modding tools for sr2
  3. Not really but I cant say much more without violating rules lmao
  4. Wait, what? Am I reading this wrong or are you saying that you have some inside intel?
  5. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    He doesn't, he's just teasing our rules here which state:
    So drop this topic!
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  6. Alright, misunderstanding on my part.
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  7. This is the first time I've heard about this. This is amazing. I had given up hope that we'd ever get the source codes back. Does this mean that the mods will be able to do more now? Like new stuff being added in rather than reusing assets? Potentially, what kinds of things can we expect so see come from this aside from a patched version?
  8. IdolNinja has said that they plan to extend the table limits, which theoretically will allow for mods to add new content instead of replacing old content. Like for example, in GotR the AR-50 with the fireworks launcher replaces the basic version without an alt fire, but with this patch, it may be possible to have the fireworks launcher variant be a separate weapon
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  9. Oh ,sounds like the modding will be good then.
  10. Is there any way we can donate as thanks to Idol and Mini for taking the time to bother with it?
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