Saints Row 2 High Quality Texture Pack

Next year my survival rate will be less than 50%. I'm fine now, but next year will be a crucial moment.
The survival rate after 3 years is less than 20%. I want to cherish the time until I die.
This is highly upsetting... I rarely get on here anymore.. You've done a great job, and just know we are always with you. It's none of my business at all and it's not my place to say anything as you will do you. But go cherish this time that you have left with family and friends, and just don't worry about continuing this project or your tools. Go do what you have always wanted to do in life and have no regrets! I can understand if this project makes you happy, trust me i've spent the majority of my life modding games and creating stuff for people to enjoy, it however has consumed me day in and day out for well over 13 years at this point. All i'm trying to say is we appreciate you more than you will ever know and I think I speak for everybody here when I say that. What you have done is amazing! We are thankful for you, and we will stand by you till that very day when you get taken away from us. Just know you are loved and cared about. I may not know you at all by any means personally, but that doesn't change what I have said. I'm just suggesting that you don't spend your last days on a game, however you do you i'm by no means judging. I'm just saying it's okay to step away and move on from this game so you can cherish the rest of the time you have doing other things. I'm not saying goodbye, i'm merely saying we cherish you as a individual and what you have done.
This mod realizes a clear image by replacing hundreds of textures and changing fog settings. Also the vignette effect will be removed.

Original Image
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Image with this mod.
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File #1
FileSize: 58.1 MB (60,973,759 bytes)
MD5: 99947031121b314e9229441f2249ecc0
SHA1: 4f0188e309d37d78333f2bb51269d9e0b33b35d1

File #2
FileSize: 2.15 GB (2,312,312,531 bytes)
MD5: 3aafc15557f861119de72476f3ddd748
SHA1: a1fb0821789b91de2606c292683a35a51b89c9a8

Please download the fille #2 from Google Drive that link shown below.

Alternate download link (MS One Drive)!AkK7nUaWYiWsgW7uYB9G6K5LTvJq?e=6Wa0Xh

Update v1.07
Add some new textures.
Made the sky color more natural and the night sky brighter.

*Setp 1. Make new patch vpp_pc

Method 1. Use Gentlemen of the Row mod
Extract and copy all files inside the folder to "optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder and rebuild patch.vpp_pc files.

Method 2. Use my Saints Row 2 Mod Manager tool. Please read the tool's manual for details.

*Step2. Replace game files.

Extract chunks_and_pegs_v1.07.rar and copy all vpp_pc files to Saints Row 2 Installed folder.

Known issues:
The surface texture becomes transparent when entering the airport area by helicopter. The airport area has a lot of textures and is likely to be due to exceeding the game engine memory limit.
Since the surface of the ground is normally displayed near the helicopter, the activities of the attack helicopter can be performed without any trouble. In addition, this problem does not occur when entering the area by car or on foot.

The three weed textures are based on Vurt SFO Summer Edition v1.81MOD. Thanks to Vurt for creating beautiful textures.

There are 2 links, and there is a zip file, if you have winrar is easy to open it.
I'm currently working on next version 1.08.

Fixed an issue where the ground could become transparent in the airport area.

Similarly, the ground may become transparent during a bike race in a trailer park, but this mod isn't the cause as the same thing happens with Vanilla.

Some other textures have been added / changed, and Ronin's vehicle decals are currently being fixed.

Version 1.08 allows the user to create texture replacements for each chunk using a tool, so the file size to download will be very small. Of course the tools are included. I'm working on a tool that can handle from chunks 1 to chunks 4.

I'm doing it little by little, so it will take some time, but please wait for a while.
The grass on the 2nd image looked like a terrain from Half-Life 2.
Thank you for worrying about my illness. I'm doing fine so far. I also enjoy hobbies other than SR2. I live in the countryside, so it's quiet, and it's less stressful, so it's good for my health.

I implemented an error diffusion method in my texture tool to convert from 24-bit color to DDS-R5G6B5 format.
Original 24bit color image

DDS R5G6B5 (16bit color) image

In the past, I simply reduced the number of RGB bits, so I think the image quality has improved considerably.

Fix small items.



What is this? If anyone knows what the picture is, please let me know.

Beretta's texture has also been improved. Previously, there were unnatural lines and red colors, but now they are gone. However, in SR2, the texture of the pistol is only on one side, so both sides of the gun will be the same, so it is strange if you look closely.

Ronin's vehicle decals haven't been improved much. I'm busy going to the hospital this month, so it's going to take some time.