Saints Row 2 High Quality Texture Pack

This mod realizes a clear image by replacing hundreds of textures and changing fog settings. Also the vignette effect will be removed.

Original Image
sr2_pc 2017-05-10 01-40-20-54.jpg

Image with this mod.
sr2_pc 2017-05-10 10-24-11-55.jpg

sr2_pc 2017-05-10 10-39-40-59.jpg sr2_pc 2017-05-10 10-42-32-64.jpg sr2_pc 2017-05-10 10-49-31-43.jpg sr2_pc_2016_09_17_22_43_20_30.jpgsr2_pc 2019-12-08 21-44-28-91.jpg sr2_pc 2019-12-21 23-22-09-64.jpg sr2_pc 2019-12-22 00-48-31-95.jpg 20191225140625_1.jpg 20191225140820_1.jpg

File #1
FileSize: 58.1 MB (60,973,759 bytes)
MD5: 99947031121b314e9229441f2249ecc0
SHA1: 4f0188e309d37d78333f2bb51269d9e0b33b35d1

File #2
FileSize: 2.15 GB (2,312,312,531 bytes)
MD5: 3aafc15557f861119de72476f3ddd748
SHA1: a1fb0821789b91de2606c292683a35a51b89c9a8

Please download the fille #2 from Google Drive that link shown below.

Alternate download link (MS One Drive)!AkK7nUaWYiWsgW7uYB9G6K5LTvJq?e=6Wa0Xh

Update v1.07
Add some new textures.
Made the sky color more natural and the night sky brighter.

*Setp 1. Make new patch vpp_pc

Method 1. Use Gentlemen of the Row mod
Extract and copy all files inside the folder to "optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder and rebuild patch.vpp_pc files.

Method 2. Use my Saints Row 2 Mod Manager tool. Please read the tool's manual for details.

*Step2. Replace game files.

Extract chunks_and_pegs_v1.07.rar and copy all vpp_pc files to Saints Row 2 Installed folder.

Known issues:
The surface texture becomes transparent when entering the airport area by helicopter. The airport area has a lot of textures and is likely to be due to exceeding the game engine memory limit.
Since the surface of the ground is normally displayed near the helicopter, the activities of the attack helicopter can be performed without any trouble. In addition, this problem does not occur when entering the area by car or on foot.

The three weed textures are based on Vurt SFO Summer Edition v1.81MOD. Thanks to Vurt for creating beautiful textures.


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Hello, I downloaded both files, but I can't look into them or extract them, as they are in "unknown format or damaged". Tried with both WinRAR and 7-Zip, didn't work with either. Please, fix it, thanks.
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would be awesome if i could unpack the archive File #1. and i couldn't download File #2

I confirmed that the file #2 can be successfully downloaded from Google Drive with guest account.

file 1 is broken as well as file 2 smh

View attachment 16506

View attachment 16507

These files were compressed in RAR 5 format.
In order to decompress these files, please use the latest version of 7-Zip or UNRAR command line tool (it's free).
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Do you have to download and install the second file for the mod to work?
Even just the first file can achieve considerable image quality improvement.
Although the game works without the second file, hundreds of textures will be replaced with high resolution ones by the second file, so please install both files.
This looks and plays amazing. Thank you so much!