Saints Row 2 High Quality Texture Pack

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Masamaru, May 10, 2017.

  1. CEG


    Thanks for this! Game looks so much better.
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  2. This is the most relevant mod launched since Gentlemen of the Row, in my Humble Opinion.
    Thanks so much for have spent some time on this release, Masamaru!
    It works perfectly. :)
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  3. I see that someone is a fan of Love Live... sr2_pc 2017-08-07 08-05-56.png
  4. Perfect for me, I run on lowest settings, so I need prettier textures to make up for it
  5. Works perfectly fine for me. Thank you for making this amazing mod.
  6. Because there was a request.

    Thank you. I'm making a new texture little by little now.
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  7. This mod is really good and I thank you for releasing it.
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  8. Eh ?
    I thought you have to put the mod files in the root game folder.

    I've never heard that before " putting the actual mod folders in the game's folder.

    What i did is make up the first part by adding the files from the 50mb rar file to the GOTR patch and i put that in the game's root folder.
    Then i extracted the files from the big 1.5gb rar file to the game's root folder.

    Isn't that correct ?
    I just started the game and switched off HDR+MOTION BLUR.
    When i go in-game my player character is a strange green and blue colour(npc's too) and there is big green and dark blue squares everywhere on the ground.
    So something is very wrong.

    I verified with Steam and i was missing a rather huge file called : chunks4.vpp_pc.
    Must stop installing games from old rar files on dvd.
    I always think it will save me time with downloading but i end up wasting hours faffing about :)
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  9. This looks so good. I've been using it from when it came out and I haven't had any issues. Good job on the mod buddy. I really like it
  10. The cloud drive link isnt working anymore :<
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