Saints Row 2 Chunks Texture Tool

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Masamaru, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. I found a bug that the original vpp_pc files are not copied automatically due to my careless mistake.
    I will upload the revised version as soon as possible.
    In the revised version, the exe file property is displayed as v1.271.
  2. Update to version 1.271. The update has been delayed.

    At the end of June, I fell from a high place, had a fracture of the left femur, and had a femoral artificial head replacement surgery.
    After that, I received rehabilitation to recover my walking ability and was discharged from the hospital at the end of August.
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  3. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    Take all the time you need to recover, hope you're doing alright.
  4. Thank you very much.
    Fortunately, I needed a cane before the accident, but now I can walk without a cane.
    Replacement with an artificial femoral head partially limits the range of motion of the joint, but if I pay close attention to it in my daily life, it will not bring about dislocation.
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