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Saints Row 2 Chunks Texture Tool

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Masamaru, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. sr2pegtool is a tool for editing the texture of individual g_peg_pc file.
    However Saints Row 2 has a large amount of texture in the chunk data that divided hundreds, it was impossible to edit it in sr2pegtool.

    I have developed a sr2chunktool in order to collectively manage the texture of internal chunk data.

    sr2cunktool perform batch processing by using the chunk data resources and Thomas Jepp's saints row tools.

    Now you can easily replace the textures within each chunk data using sr2chunktool.exe.


    sr2chunktool version 1.106

    FileName: sr2chunktool_v1106.rar
    FileSize: 60.0 MB (62,999,785 bytes)
    ModifiedDate: 2016-05-22T14:49:32+09:00
    MD5: 4e80b9ac048998a5b3d51e9784ff256d
    SHA1: 1833ffd558e98cc2d333395241fd83bdc813cfa3

    From this version, no longer need to download huge files from Google Drive.
    sr2chunktool is using the same module as the sr2pegtool. You can specify a mipmap generation options in the ini file, but please do not change the setting because it has become the optimum settings.
    Please use the sr2chunktool after reading the user's manual.

    User's manual

    New textures that is used in my sr2 high quality texture pack mod v1.02.

    FileName: new_textures.rar
    FileSize: 71.6 MB (75,173,659 bytes)
    ModifiedDate: 2016-05-22T13:51:59+09:00
    MD5: be47c70284a7e2cf0b6919fd5cbf5a85
    SHA1: c8786d6a66b68840b49210cf27e2446a16d68e7d

    sr2chunktool version 1.021
    Now sr2chunktool works without sr2pegtool.
    Some useful new feature.
    Many optimization.

    FileName: sr2chunktool_v1021.rar
    FileSize: 97.1 MB (101,905,172 bytes)
    ModifiedDate: 2016-01-10T18:47:27+09:00
    MD5: e4f7c5d14aee6ddfa9f54503555cab69
    SHA1: c20864dc314e4c830074d82acda8b81dfe26f6c6

    FileName: chunks.rar
    FileSize: 2.33 GB (2,507,758,208 bytes)
    ModifiedDate: 2016-01-08T14:04:37+09:00
    MD5: f4adeec3715187619e2865876faeb161
    SHA1: 1c25588cf30dfefd2bee2deb9e677cf9ef4f19e2

    update sr2pegtool to ver1.00.

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    Last edited: May 22, 2016
  2. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    Do you mind if I mirror those files on Saints Row Mods?
  3. Yeah, no problem.
    But because there is a new version of sr2pegtool and sr2_alwaysload_user_extracted, please wait until it is updated.
  4. I have finished the update of the files.
    Now that everything is ready.
  5. sr2pegtool was almost completed.
    In the future I'll fully integrate sr2chuntool and sr2pegtool.
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  6. sr2chunktool shares modules with sr2pegtool, and the current dev. version is V1.21.
    Since I am currently preparing an instruction manual, please wait for a while until release.
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