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Saints Row 1 Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v3

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by FusionH2o, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. looks really good
  2. i just noticed if you search saints row 1 and click images the first thing that pops up is a screenshot of your mod :3
  3. Look at the advanced progress I've done with the interface! The top right corner still needs fixing!
    SR2_pc 2018-04-10 23-34-59-76.png SR2_pc 2018-04-10 23-42-02-57.png
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  4. This is about close as I can get it without over lapping the image:

    SR2_pc 2018-04-11 17-25-59-73.png SR2_pc 2018-04-11 17-27-45-98.png

    SR2_pc 2018-04-11 17-27-58-33.png
  5. you need to edit the size of the minimap and get rid of that inner circle.
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  6. Inner circle is no more. The HUD has been fixed as far as it's going to be fixed if not the icons will be over lapping each other.
    I think this right here is the best I've done on this HUD:
    SR2_pc 2018-04-11 22-02-48-68.png

    SR2_pc 2018-04-11 22-26-22-53.png
  7. Looking back on it, there was an inner circle but the minimal was way more defined. So it's hard to replicate and what you have now is good.
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  8. Well it's completed now then.
  9. Now that Im done with the HUD, now I have follower heads just like the ones in SR1, and now new crosshairs for this texture pack!

    SR2_pc 2018-04-14 01-44-29-42.png
  10. Just a lil longer than expected but then the next version will be released soon so hang in there!
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