Re: Flippy's video

Well, lets just say that this situation is not just a normal drama... something really messed up happend here, and i believe people have the right to feel that way, myself included. Sometimes even if someone makes mistakes, there are many reasons to react this way. Closing this forum without letting people know the reason is something that many of us would be this way, specially if your projects/mods are gone forever (in case you didnt do a backup). So that's way some of us take this kind of things personally..
I'm not trying to take that away from y'all, but I really cannot fault Minimaul for panicking and taking the site down in retailiation when a known figure in the community with thousands of followers pretty much made a video slamming him for his mistakes. However, just how he didn't let anyone know that he was going to take the site down. That Youtuber should've at least consulted him about the video and told him what was going to happen in that video and MAYBE all of this could've been avoided in the first place, but like I said, hindsight is 20/20 it's easy for us to say what should've happened after the fact, but that's just the way humans function. I probably should've specified that the people who were taking it personally weren't even modders, so I can at least apologize for that.
I know you didn't direct it at me. You asked what is the end goal of it?? Which was a question that got a answer. The end goal I stated which tbh should of been very clear. I'm also taking it personal because I was there you were not. I was close to idol just like all of us were in the "original test group" after what went down I don't speak for all of us but i'm sure alot of us were pretty upset when all of that went down and out of respect for idol we couldn't really talk outside of the group about it. You said It's easy for everyone to sit here and say what they would've or should've done. The public as is just didn't know the full story and I know you hate flippy but i'm glad he told the story because it really needed to be told. While things are still left in limbo and no updates are publicly made to this day still about the patch other than it's not canceled is irritating. So yes people are going to have some issues and take it very personal, especially since we also had a scare that the site was just whipped and lost majority of everything we have created/done over the years. You also said They didn't say anything before or after all this information has been thrown out there. Who is they in which you speak of? If you mean Deep Silver, then that's the problem "they haven't said anything". Here's what has been said, "it's not canceled, no new updates, no new updates, no new updates" That's the problem. The patch is in development hell still and they haven't addressed that.
You came in very assertive to my comment, so that explains my reaction. I may not have been apart of the original test group, but when I was brought on I was more than filled in about what went on during Idol's time on the patch and I've disagreed with the way Minimaul handled things and shared my feelings on the matter, but there was no point in speaking on it because of the sensitivity of it all AND due to my NDA. So please stop trying to use that as a "gotcha moment" because I still had a strong relationship with Idol that dates way back to 2016, so can we not make this some sort of "who loved Idol more" competition, because it's very disrespectful to him. My disdain toward that Youtuber really has nothing to do with this and more so just how I see the situation from his previous actions that has had negative effects on the community. Of course I'm talking about Deep Silver, they've shown us many times that they really do not care about the IP or the community, that's why I said what I said. One video from that Youtuber didn't shake them before and I doubt it'll shake them now. That's simply my opinion on all of this.
Hey everyone,

I think this deserves a response - I'm not going to write something really PR-y and I don't have chat logs to refer to, so this is from memory.

First things first: yes, my behaviour here was *shit* and truly unacceptable. I am truly ashamed of it, and I am incredibly sorry for the damage it did to the Saints Row community, and especially to Mike personally.

I worked on three projects for Saints Row:

* The modding patch
* The site to restore My Steelport
* the attempt to restore Saints Row 2.

The first two went really well! For the modding patch I made modding tools & the workshop upload tool, and wasn't paid for any work - it was all volunteer work. Restoring My Steelport was a paid project that we did after that - and this one went live and was up for several years.

For Saints Row 2, this project was a total fuck up on my part.

I never should have taken it on - I was truly out of my depth. Working on the modding patch and My Steelport gave me false confidence, and made me think I could do it - but I had no professional experience actually working on game engines or multiplayer games.

When I started on the project, we identified a list of things we wanted to fix, and some nice to haves. I started work on the initial things like getting the old code to build on a current PC, I started fixing performance, got it running at modern resolutions, fixed some crashing bugs, added Steam Cloud support, raised limits for user generated content, and replaced all of the audio with higher quality versions. Then I got to multiplayer.

Multiplayer is where everything went wrong. Like the video says, I blanked people instead of admitting I was stuck. By the time I admitted I was stuck, it was far too late. There was a brief discussion with DS about me continuing on the non-multiplayer work, but the decision they reached was for me to hand over what I'd done to someone else for them to continue. I agreed to that and uploaded the work I had so far. I don't know if it was used or not in the builds that were then passed on to the community testers - I don't have any insider knowledge about the project after I handed over what I'd done.

The way we worked with these projects was a small deposit, then milestone payments after agreed functionality was delivered. Multiplayer was part of the first milestone and I didn't deliver that - so the only money I received at all for the SR2 patch was the deposit right at the start. I did offer to pay this back to DS and Volition as I didn't think it was right for me to keep it, but they didn't take me up on this offer.

Obviously I don't expect what I've said to make things right or for people to forgive me, and nothing I've said here is going to get people the patch they should have had. Nothing I can do or say at this point will make things right. I've stayed away from the SR community since, and left the running of this site to people who were recommended by Mike himself. Please don't make trouble for them because I fucked up.

I'm in the process of finding someone to take over the ownership of the site who the community can trust - this is something I've been looking at for a while and the video only makes it more important.

dude ill be honest with you real talk no disrespect to you or all modders here and fans here but seem to be the late Mike Watson aka Idol Ninja has trusted you for so long he'll he paid you with company or his own money to fix but you fuck it up tsk tsk tsk and also mike watson work his ass off until he died to fix saints row 2 and even if he live long 5 years he will port saints row 1 to pc and also modern system with multiplayer working tsk tsk tsk but me myself i forgive you but its saddens me that's all thank you
Taking down the site for this was a dumb move. Also after the incident of Flippy's old account hacked, I can't trust this site anymore. I've advised all of my modder friends including Spadita to backup their mods.
LOk and what does that mean for the franchise? Just because they formed under a new studio does not mean they're going to be working under Deep Silver anytime soon after everything that has gone down over the years.
Well yes, but with the direction the Saints Row Franchise ended up going, they could easily create a new game that is more reminiscent of Saints Row 2, but give it a new name.

Deep Silver couldn't really do shit to stop them unless they can confirm that they were going to take the series back in that direction, which we all know is never going to happen. Saints Row 2 is nothing but a forgotten relic to them which is not worth their time to even continue working on repairing
I would like to preface this by saying I don't have anything to do with the patch whatsoever, and do not know anyone involved personally. Honestly, it's really none of my business. I am not taking sides. Nor do I want to post any further than this on the subject.

Firstly; Forgiveness is not (and cannot be) earned. It is given (the clue's in the spelling). There is nothing more Minimaul can do to "earn" forgiveness. (I understand that may be easy for someone like me to say, who is far removed from the situation.)

Secondly; I have been active on these forums for only a few months. But I have been made to feel welcomed and at home. I have had the chance to collaborate with others. I have had the pleasure of discussing the inner workings of my favourite video game with like-minded people. is a treasure. And with Volition closed down, the future of the Saints Row IP uncertain, the SR2 Patch situation, and many fans feeling jaded by more recent instalments to the series, is pretty much all that's left of Saints Row at this point.
I implore everyone; Let us not let this go to waste too! There has been a lot of drama. A lot has been lost. A lot of people have been hurt. But what has happened, has happened. We all need to move on despite this. However difficult that may be.
I implore everyone; Let us not let this go to waste too! There has been a lot of drama. A lot has been lost. A lot of people have been hurt. But what has happened, has happened. We all need to move on despite this. However difficult that may be.
Despite all the bad blood, I think everyone in this thread wants the site and the community to stay.