Rare Vehicle Cheats (includes Additional Cheats) v5

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by [V] IdolNinja, Feb 11, 2012.

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    OMFG yeah whatever FBI, I already downloaded what I had to, couldnt care less about all that anitypiracy crap have fun, not coming back in a couple of months with another account
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    Singa, cheat on the Nelson and Tornado military?
  3. ok so I use this mod and I found some hidden dlc files from a wiki and they don't work such as a Yarnie because I changed the cheats a bit and cant figure out why it wont add some vehicles like a Yarnie into my garage or a file called oppressordlc
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    KevinJraps, если вы можете добавить Oppressor из DLC Gangsta in Space, скажите , как это сделать.
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  9. On topic...
    "KevinJraps, if you can add Oppressor from the Gangsta in Space DLC, tell me how to do it."

    I don't think it is possible to obtain (in any way) that specific Oppressor.
    According to Fandom Wiki, some of the Oppressor are unlocked at some points in the game, however there is not a statement for GIS Oppressor (the one with the camera):
    upload_2020-7-4_9-10-1.png upload_2020-7-4_9-10-1.png upload_2020-7-4_9-10-1.png

    It looks to me that cheats.xtbl in this mod has NO DLC added content, for example NyteBlayde car, Bloody Canoness bike, Genki cars...are not listed. So, DLC vehicles/weapons don't seem to be allowed to work by placing drop entires in the cheats.xtbl. In fact, I attempted adding three different DLC items to cheats, and Crash to Desktop every time.

    Sorry to say, it seems unlikely to fulfill your request.
  10. 00o


    Thank you for the information , Motosxorpio
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