Rare Vehicle Cheats (includes Additional Cheats) v5

[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
Rare Vehicle Cheats v5 by IdolNinja

Adds 73 new cheats for rare vehicles like Killbane's jet, the Decker Bear from the Kinzie's Guardian Angel mission, the Pony Cart, etc.

The mod comes in two flavors. A standard version with save flagging and an open version with all flagging removed for every cheat.

NOTE: This mod integrates the Hidden Cheat Enabler mod by Bmhur1:

Make sure to also grab the Giant Plane Handling mod from Pinnhead if you want to fly your huge planes around!


Low Gravity - moonwalker
No Hud - nohud
Change time of day - ticktock
Evil Cars - werecars
Pedestrian War - shitstorm
Giant Player - fuckimhuge
Tiny Player - sotiny
Raining Pedestrians - itsrainingmen

givewakazashi - Give Wakazashi *new in v5
givenforcerstagriotturret - Give NForcer Stag Riot turret variant *new in v5 (thanks to zac for posting a a table entry for it)

givepony - Give Pony Cart from Return to Steelport mission
givevulturemorningstar - Give Vulture Morningstar variant from Trojan Whores mission
givevulturesaints - Give Vulture Saints variant from Heli Assault
giveeagleswat - Give Eagle SWAT variant
giveoppressorpolice - Give Oppressor Police variant
giveoppressornews - Give Oppressor News variant
giveoppressorultimate - Give Oppressor Ultimate variant
giveoppressorangel - Give Oppressor Angel variant from A Remote Chance mission
giveoppressormorningstar - Give Oppressor Morningstar variant
givesideshooterpolice - Give Side Shooter Police variant
givesideshooternews - Give Side Shooter News variant
givesideshooterultimate - Give Side Shooter ultimate variant
givesideshooterangel - Give Side Shooter Angel variant from A Remote Chance mission
givethompsonrough - Give Thompson Rough variant
givethompsonaverage - Give Thompson Average variant
givethompsonultimate - Give Thompson Ultimate variant
givetornadopolice - Give Tornado Police variant
givetornadosaints - Give Tornado Saints variant from Heli Assault
givetornadomorningstar - Give Tornado Morningstar variant
givebearultimate - Give Bear Ultimate variant
givebearswat - Give Bear SWAT variant
givebearstag - Give Bear National Guard (STAG) variant
givebearcrowdcontrol - Give Bear Crowd Control
givebearmorningstar - Give Bear Morningstar variant
givebeardecker - Give Bear Decker variant from Kinzie's Guardian Angel mission
givesnipeskillbane - Give Snipes 57 Killbane variant from Three Way mission
giveinfuegoluchadore - Give Infuego Luchadore variant from Live with Killbane mission
givestork - Give Stork
givestorkheist - Give Stork from When Good Heists Go Bad mission carrying the vault
givestorkm9average - Give Stork from The Ho Boat mission Average variant (Doors on crate)
givestorkm9m3 - Give Stork from the Ho Boat mission M3 variant (Doors off crate)
givehammersaints - Give Hammer Saints variant from the Three Way mission
givenforcerstag - Give N-Forcer STAG variant
givenforcerstagnt - Give N-Forcer NT (no guns) from My Name is Cyrus Temple mission
givenforceraverage - Give N-Forcer Average variant (all black with roof hole cutout)
givecommanderng - Give Commander NG (gray police skin) variant
givecommanderpolice - Give Comamnder Police variant
givecommanderstag - Give Commander STAG variant
giveneuronangel - Give Neuron Angel variant from Three Way mission
giveboogiebus - Give Anchor Zimos variant from the Pimps Up Hos Down opening cutscene
givelearningcomputer - Give Flatbed MS15 variant (Truck carrying computer) from the Learning Computer mission
giveflatbedbomb - Give Flatbed MS06 variant (Truck carrying bomb) from The Belgian Problem mission
giveflatbedchemical - Give Flatbed MS19 variant (Truck carrying zombie chemicals) from the Zombies Attack mission
giveball - Give the metal ball that crushes Loren
givereaperfuneral - Give Reaper Saints variant from Return to Steelport mission cutscene
giveaspplayer2 - Give ASP Player2 (Blue) variant from http://deckers.die mission
giveaspplayer3 - Give ASP Player3 (Red) variant from http://deckers.die mission
giveanchorescort1 - Give Anchor Tiger Escort variant Escort1 Steelport Zoo
giveanchorescort2 - Give Anchor Tiger Escort variant Escort2 SAPS Steelport Animal Protection Services
giveanchorescort3 - Give Anchor Tiger Escort variant Escort3 CLAW City League of Animal Welfare
giveatlanticaultimate - Give Atlantica Ultimate variant
giveatlanticasaints - Give Atlantica Saints variant
givesharkaverage - Give Shark Average variant (blue Shark from Returnt to Steelport mission)
givesharkcg - Give Shark CG Variant (red morningstar Shark)
givetornadoassault - Give Tornado Assault variant from Heli Assault activity (enemy helis)
givemulesaints - Give Mule Saints variant from Convoy Decoy mission
givesovereignsaints - Give Sovereign Saints variant
givebootleggersaints - Give Bootlegger Saints variant
givetorchsaints - Give Torch Saints variant
givecosmossaints - Give Cosmos Gang_Saints variant
giveinfuegosaints - Give Infuego Saints variant
givetaxisaints - Give Taxi Reward variant (saints)
givecriminalsaints - Give Criminial Saints variant
givelorenjet - Give Loren's Giant Plane from I'm Free Free Falling mission (warning will blow up when you take it out)
givestagjet - Give STAG Giant Plane from Air Steelport mission (warning will blow up when you take it out)
givenforcerng - Give NForcer NG variant
givenforcerstagriot - Give NForcer Stag_Riot variant
givehammerhead - Give Hammerhead
givescrubber - Give Scrubber
givescrubberzombie - Give Scrubber Zombie variant
giveblade - Give Blade
givex2 - Give X-2 Phantom
givewraith - Give Wraith
giveanchor5 - Give Anchor News5 variant
giveanchor6 - Give Anchor News6 variant



Drunk Pedestrians - dui
Elevator to Heaven - fryhole
Bloody Mess - notrated
Zombie Peds - brains
Mascot Peds - mascot
Pimps and Hos Peds - hohoho
Clear Skies - clearskies
Heavy Rain - heavyrain
Light Rain - lightrain
Overcast - overcast

Player Vehicle No Damage - vroom
Add Police Notoriety - pissoffpigs
Add Gang Notoriety - lolz
$100,000 Cash - cheese
100,000 Respect - whatitmeanstome
Infinite Sprint - runfast
Remove Police Notoriety - goodygoody
Remove Gang Notoriety - oops
Vehicle Smash - isquishyou
Golden Gun - goldengun

Repair Vehicle - repaircar
Give Ambulance - giveambulance
Give Anchor - giveanchor
Give Attrazione - giveattrazione
Give Bootlegger - givebootlegger
Give Peacemaker - givepeacemaker
Give Justice - givejustice
Give Phoenix - givephoenix
Give Quasar - givequasar
Give Municipal (Garbage Truck) - givemunicipal
Give Taxi - givetaxi
Give Titan - givetitan
Give Vortex - givevortex
Give Miami - givemiami
Give Shark - giveshark
Give Kaneda - givekaneda
Give Kenshin - givekenshin
Give Sandstorm - givesandstorm
Give Widowmaker - givewidowmaker
Give Tornado - givetornado
Give Vulture - givevulture
Give Eagle - giveeagle
Give Commander - givecommander
Give Woodpecker - givewoodpecker
Give VTOL - givevtol
Give Condor - givecondor
Give Specter - givespecter
Give Nforcer- givenforcer
Give Knoxville - giveknoxville
Give Toad - givetoad
Give Estrada - giveestrada
Give Challenger - givechallenger
Give Gatmobile - givegatmobile
Give Status Quo - givestatusquo
Give Reaper - givereaper

Give All Weapons - letsrock
Give RPG - giverpg
Give Satchel Charges - givesatchel
Give Kobra - givekobra
Give Sheperd - givesheperd
Give AK47 - givekrukov
Give AR55 - givear55
Give STAG Laser Rifle - giveslm8
Give Grave Digger - givedigger
Give Ultimax - giveultimax
Give AS14 Hammer - givehammer
Give Death Blossom - giveblossom
Give Tek9 - givetek
Give Cyber SMG - givecybersmg
Give Cyber Buster - givecyber
Give McManus Sniper Rifle - givesniper
Give RC Gun - givercgun
Give UAV Drone - givedrone
Give Airstrike - giveairstrike
Give Sonic Boom - givesonic
Give Brute Flamethrower - giveflamethrower
Give Brute Minigun - giveminigun
Give Decker Rocket Hammer - giverocket
Give Luchadore Grenade Launcher - givelauncher
Give Police Riot Shield - giveshield
Give Baseball Bat - givebaseball
Give Penetrator - givedildo
Give Chainsaw - givechainsaw
Give Apocafists - giveapoca
Give Decker Sword - givesword
Give Stun Gun - givestungun
Give Flashbang - giveflashbang
Give Grenade - givegrenade
Give Molotov - givemolotov
Give Electric Grenade - giveelectric

The following are DLC Cheats and automatically added with purchase:
Infinite Mass
Super Saints
Never Die
Super Explosions
Player Pratfall
Unlimited Ammo
Unlimited Clip

NOTE: The open version of the mod removes ALL cheat flagging, including all the vanilla and dlc cheats!


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[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
Updated the documentation in both versions with the missing cheat for the Metal Ball:
Sorry but what folder do i save this file into? Cause i tried the main one and the packfiles/pc/cache one and both times it didnt work.

[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
It should go in the folder with the srtt exe. That will take load precedence. You do know you have to punch in the codes on your phone yourself right? You'll need to look at the included text file and manually enter the codes then activate them for each vehicle you want.

[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
A rar file is an archive. The mods and documents are inside it. You'll need to extract the contents with something like winrar, winzip, 7zip, etc.

[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
No worries. Sometimes we take these kind of things for granted and forget what it's like to be new to all this stuff. It also reinforces my thought that we really need a good getting starting newbie guide on the site. I'll probably whip something up like that soon. :)
One last question, does the open one still let you earn achievements with the cheats or is it just turning off the flagging?