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  1. I will probably make a few texture mods regarding the player look itself, so I created this thread with a pretty generic title.

    Those mods will involve the file Customize_Player.asm_pc, so it will for sure impact people (like me ;) ) that are using nude mods from the adult section.

    I humbly suggest an easy way to deal with having multiple texture mods ( that involve updating some *.asm_pc files) in the game root folder: a tool I wrote by udating some of IdolNinja batchfiles. It can be found at:


    Edit: I have decided to include my player character clothing mods in this thread as well. Here I am putting links to two other threads where there are some previous clothing mods:


    First entry: mod to modify the look of the Eyeliner Smokey to give it a harlequin look.

    Retexturing of the Smokey Eyeliner to give it a harlequin look.

    I basically took the Dark Liner look, added and modified the bottom spike of the Goth Night look, and added a top spike. I replaced the Smokey look with the result.


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  2. Arioh

    Arioh Modding patch tester

    Any chance to have bodyhair, by modifying some tattos?
  3. I suppose so, but:

    -if you want bodyhair all over, I doubt that tattoos will cover every inch of the body.
    -there might be issues with the various tattoos stretching in different ratios or having different resolutions.

    Might be an interesting project for people that want hairy characters. As for me, I mod to make my (female) character cuter and sexier, so hairier is not the way for me!

    An easier possibility might be actually modding the naked skin texture itself, but there will probably be some resolution issues. I would certainly investigate that avenue if I wanted to give a hairy look.
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  4. Miku Hatsune

    Miku Hatsune Modding patch tester

    Try big anime eyes, small noses and small mouths to make your charas look cuter.
    Trust me, mine looks like one.
  5. Well, I dont want to change the face of my character, my character likes it the way it is, let us say. But maybe for my next character!
  6. Ok, second entry: Replacement of the chest AND head tattoo "Open Wide" for a Genki head look

    I was in the middle of experimenting with various tattoos when BadMadScientist made a request for bras with Genki head for the cups. That got me thinking about doing a tattoo with the Genki head ... but those big round eyes seemed so well positioned that I had to try for a ... ahem ... 'funny' positioning. I liked my first try and decided to tweak it a little bit so the result would look nice. I am pretty happy with it. Note that the character's chest is naked in the screenshots, but since the nipples are not showing, I find it is not much worse than other pictures we can get legitimately in the game.

    It is strongly advised to have both the chest and head replacements, since they share the same texture file in memory. The tattoo does not look very pretty on the face, or at the very least, not much Genki like. It is the price to pay to have it look good on the chest. All the necessary files are in the mod file.

    I could have decided to rename one of the texture files to have different images, but this would imply manually editing the customize_player.asm_pc file. I prefer to avoid manually editing that file, for compatibility reasons with other mods.

    I will probably try to implement BadMadScientist suggestion in a little while.

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  7. Despite engine limits, SRTT is starting to get more and more character customization options that everybody wanted. Keep them coming, gameqube!
  8. Here comes a bunch of tattoo mods I have done.

    Third entry: mod to modify the look of the back AND neck tattoo "Dressed for Death" to give it a tribal triple dragon head look

    It is strongly advised to have all the texture replacements, since they share the same texture file in memory.

    tattoo tribal tridragon.jpg

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  9. 4th entry: mod to modify the look of the upper chest AND left leg tattoo "Seek Forgiveness" to give it a gothic cross look

    It is strongly advised to have all the texture replacements, since they share the same texture file in memory.

    After I was done with the chest version, of which I was very pleased, I transfered the picture to the leg tattoo file and noticed the top of the cross is crooked due to the way the texture is attached to the body. Well, I made that mod for the chest tattoo, so I guess I will just ignore the leg one...

    tattoo gothic cross.jpg

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  10. 5th entry: mod to modify the look of the entire back AND left arm tattoo "Demon Saint" to give it a Sad Panda look

    It is strongly advised to have all the texture replacements, since they share the same texture file in memory.

    The way the texture is attached to the body, in the back tattoo, the waist of Sad Panda is quite thin. Notice the differences of look between the back and arm tattoo, it is the same picture file!

    I got this picture from the thread:

    I did edit the file of the 3 Genki girls to isolate Sad Panda.

    tattoo Sad Panda.jpg

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