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This works by injecting a windows DLL into the running process.

It won't work on the Linux version at all unless someone reimplements it for the linux build.

It's worth pointing out the Linux version is kinda weird in that it's a kinda windows emulator-ish environment, but the executable has been modified and recompiled etc.
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I was coming here to post this same message. The mod works great (and wow the game is so much more engaging with some music to listen to) but I noticed that sometimes the radio just stops playing and I can't get it to come back on unless I quit out and restart the game. In any event, thanks again @Minimaul for this great mod!
I think this is actually the same cause. Sometimes you'll have a long period of silence then it will randomly start playing again too. It's strange. Trying to debug this is a nightmare though :)
thanks very much for the mod.

i'm still facing the problem that radio stops (usually after mission completed) & i have to restart the game, is this normal for rev23 steam version?
Yup. I put everything where it was supposed to go and pressed the "," button, but nothing happened.
do you have:
genx_radio.xtbl & radio_genx_media.bnk_pc & RadioEnabler files in main folder,
soundboot.vpp_pc in \packfiles\pc\cache,

Zopiahh's mod and don't change the radio stuff in control_binding_sets.xtbl