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  1. Well... This time the rev23 works as well. Nevertheless, I still can't use keyboard to skip song to another. If I did, it would be eternal dumbness until I switch back. All I can do is to wait for one song's ending, and it automatically cut to another.
    PS:The format of my songs is ogg by following the instructions instructed by the thread "using your own music" and my OS is Win10 64-bit.
  2. Minimaul

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    The , and . keys don't let you switch track. They let you switch *radio station* - in GooH, there's only the one (which is why they act as just an on/off).
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  3. Got it. If so, it works fine. I'm truly grateful for your help.
  4. Hi there! The GoG version of the game has since been patched and the rev23 is no longer working. Not sure if this is still actively being worked on, if not I understand. But great work! It was a blast while it lasted either way <3
  5. Minimaul

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    I didn't realise this - I'll give this a look, it's usually not too hard to handle an update :)
  6. Thanks very much! Much appreciated :)
  7. Can someone please identify the songs that are used in the husk's vehicles?
  8. I tried to use this mod but whenever I try to start a new file (I have the option to load the SR4 Boss disabled in the plugin) the game crashes and reloads. from the log I get this error

    [RadioEnabler] Opened log file.
    [VersionDetect] Detected Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Steam - Patch #2.
    [HookGame] Loading hooks and patches for Steam patch #2:
    [HookGame] - hooking game loop...
    [HookGame] - setting up Lua hooks...
    [HookGame] - patching radio...
    [HookGame] - disabling loading SRIV character...
    [HookGame] - preventing character swap on co-op join...
    [HookGame] - hooking window creation...
    [Lua] vint button_animation: -1
    [Lua] vint button_animation: -1
    [Lua] vint Can't get actual size, element handle: 0 does not exist.
    [Lua] vint Can't get actual size, element handle: 0 does not exist.
    [Lua] vint image: nil
    [Lua] vint amount: 0
  9. Is there a way to add more than 11 tracks to the playlist via this mod? Because I enjoy 16 of the songs from SR3 and SR4 and it would be nice to be able to hear them all in game at the same time.
  10. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    Unfortunately no, it's not possible to add new tracks with this mod - just replace existing ones.
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