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    After a fruitful night of work and frustration, I have working ON FOOT RADIO.

    Gat Out Of Hell only comes with one radio station out of the box and it's used for ambient radio for other cars - but it's a good start!

    This is a very very early release and works fine for me and a handful of testers, but I make no guarantees!

    This has been tested with the latest Steam patch as of 2015-04-16, and the latest GOG patch as of 2017-05-11, but will break on future patches. Newer versions of this will hopefully improve it!

    Source code is now available: https://github.com/tomjepp/SaintsRowRadiopocalypse

    How to use this
    When you download and extract the zip file, you will see two directories: "RadioEnabler" and "RadioSwapper".

    RadioEnabler is a DLL that enables in game radio for Gat Out Of Hell.
    RadioSwapper is a program that you can use to change the music that is used for the Gat Out Of Hell radio. It can import tracks from Saints Row: The Third or Saints Row IV, and it can also import tracks from audio files on your PC (this requires Wwise).

    You must install RadioEnabler to be able to listen to in game radio at all. RadioSwapper is only necessary if you wish to change which songs play on the in-game radio. Once you have enabled in game radio you can use the , and . keys (the same keys as Saints Row IV) to change radio station on foot.

    To read a tutorial on how to use RadioEnabler and RadioSwapper, look at: Using your own music and Using music from Saints Row IV.

    Changing RadioEnabler's options
    There's a "RadioEnabler.ini" file that controls which modifications to SRGOOH get loaded:
    Code (Text):
    create_console = true

    hook_lua_debug_print = true
    enable_radio = true
    load_sriv_character = true
    prevent_coop_join_character_swap = true

    pause_on_focus_lost = true
    create_debug_window = false
    • If "create_console" is set to "true", it will create a console window to show messages.
      If it's set to "false", a console window won't be created.

    • If "hook_lua_debug_print" is set to "true", Lua debug_print messages are output to the console and to the RadioEnabler.log file.
      If it's set to "false", Lua debug_print messages are ignored.

    • If "enable_radio" is set to "true", you can manipulate the radio using the , and . keys.
      If it's set to "false", the radio is disabled (just like vanilla GOOH).

    • If "load_sriv_character" is set to "true", GOOH will try to load the Saints Row IV player character.
      If it's set to "false", GOOH won't try to load the Saints Row IV player character.

    • If "prevent_coop_join_character_swap" is set to "true", GOOH will not force you to be Gat or Kinzie when you join a co-op game. You'll keep your current character. Yes, this allows for customized characters to join safely.
      If it's set to "false", GOOH will force you to be Gat or Kinzie when you join a game.

    • If "pause_on_focus_lost" is set to "true", GOOH will pause whenever you change to another program.
      If it's set to "false", GOOH will keep running in the background.

    • If "create_debug_window" is set to "true", a window allowing you to warp using coordinates is created when the game starts.
      If it's set to "false", the window is never shown.
    Change log
    • Revision 23:
      • Updated to use a newer version of ThomasJepp.SaintsRow that produces more correct soundbanks. This may fix the issues with long periods of silence that most users have hit.
      • Add support for the GOG release of SRGOOH (as of 2017-05-11).
    • Revision 21:
      • Updated to use a newer version of ThomasJepp.SaintsRow to fix issues locating the game directory.
    • Revision 20:
      • Updated to work with Gat out of Hell patch #2.
    • Revision 19:
      • Corrected a major performance bug - I was accidentally telling GOOH to run two frames without answering the Windows message pump. This caused very noticeable slowdown.
    • Revision 18:
      • Learned to spell "apocalypse".
      • Add an option to choose if GOOH should pause when it loses focus or not (this was an actual option in SRTT and SRIV, they removed it in GOOH...).
    • Revision 16:
    • Revision 14:
      • Instead of always enabling the radio regardless, now obey the parameter - this means the game can correctly switch the radio off.
      • Add a Lua debug_print hook - debug_print messages get printed to the console that is opened when the game starts.
      • Add detection for supported game executables - this means we don't try to load on an unsupported EXE (because that will just crash).
      • RadioSwapper did not change in this release.
    • Revision 9:
      • Add support for importing audio files that are not already in the right format - this means you can use MP3s, M4A files, FLAC files, etc.
      • RadioEnabler did not change in this release.
    • Revision 5:
      • Add RadioSwapper
      • RadioEnabler did not change in this release.
    • Alpha 1:
      • First release.

    Note for GPL compliance: RadioSwapper uses ffmpeg to provide support for audio file formats. The ffmpeg binaries used are from http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/.
    The current binaries in use are: http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/win32/static/ffmpeg-20150125-git-85d7e02-win32-static.7z.
    Source code for the build in use currently is available at: http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/source/ffmpeg/ffmpeg-20150125-git-85d7e02.tar.xz

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  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

  3. Works as advertised, thank you.
  4. AxlRocks

    AxlRocks Modding patch tester

    Seems like Steam did me a favor by screwing over my download yesterday. I can use this from the get go, awesome work Minimaul!
  5. Thank you! You've just fixed my biggest issue with the game! I guess it goes without saying that it had a name it's probably 106.66?
  6. The music is pretty good, and it suits real well. However I did encounter an issue with the keys not turning off the station after I fiddled with them a little more. Could possibly be something with the file or my game acting up. But I don't mind it at all really.
  7. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    I had the same thing. It seems like the keys stop working after either opening the hub menu or starting an activity.
  8. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    I think I have a fix for this in the works. I have a new version coming with a tool to help you customise the radio with tracks from old games.
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  9. That would be cool.
  10. You were talking about you made custom songs, I'd love to use that too :D
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