Mission Skip v0.4 (Missions autocomplete as soon as you start them)

Discussion in 'Activities & Missions' started by nclok1405, May 20, 2019.

  1. i'm just putting individual mods into the patch as i still want to try them all, just the chase (and sometimes other timed) ones i have to skip. Can't work out which ones are the ultor missions though? Help please? thanks for the mod it's made the game much less frustrating.
  2. The following are the Ultor-related missions:
    • ep01.lua: Picking a Fight
    • ep02.lua: Pyramid Scheme
    • ep03.lua: Salting the Earth... Again
    • ep04.lua: ... and a Better Life
    • sh_tss_ugmall.lua: Rounds Square Shopping Center
    • em01.lua: Revelation
    • dlc04.lua: Traffic Control
    • dlc05.lua: Corporate Meltdown
  3. Thank you so much :)
  4. I wonder what is em02 as signified by 'emergent' at the end of the file...
    anyways I didn't need this mod, But you have shown me where to find the modifier for mission cost allowed me to increase the respect consumption so this game is now balanced, what with all the gang fighting, diversions, and activities... :eek:k_hand:
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