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Mission Replay V1.1

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Erza Scarlet, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Would the Australian Version of the game somehow cause the game to freeze?
  2. I just bought them so should i add it back in to the game files now? I also finished them aswel as the story missions
  3. Hi, thank you for making this mod.
    By the way, is there anyway we can tell which mission we already completed in co-op? Maybe like a flag or something?
    Because me and my friend, we start a new game to do all story mission together and 1 completed mission didn't register correctly.
    Our profile stats shows 6 mission completed but only 5 co-op mission completed.
    We're trying to figure it out, which mission we have to replay together to "correct" the stats.

    I tested this mod with my friend, replaying previous missions and we found the "missing mission". The co-op mission completed stats now "corrected".
    Thank you for this, you saved us a lot of time.
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  4. I was told you need to complete ALL the quests even in the dlcs for the game
  5. Only Primary Quests and Loyalty Missions (part of the side-quests).

    Now I have new problem though, the Zero Cool quest, Retrieve Miller mission, always make my partners crashed to desktop. I tried with 5 different partners, and they always crashed... both when I hosted or they hosted.
    So I guess the game co-op mode really buggy.
  6. I was trying to replay some of the assassination missions in SRIV that I've already completed (assassinate rogue program, assassinate julius, etc), but there's no marker to show the target location and the mission title didn't show up, unlike other past replayable missions such as some of the hacking missions. Is this because the characters were removed from the game after the assassination task is completed? Or is it that you can find the targets, but the marker won't show their location because the game still thinks you've already completed that mission?
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  7. Erza Scarlet

    Erza Scarlet Modding patch tester

    I don't think assassinations/security deletions work like normal missions so that's probably why you can't replay them.
  8. Ah, bummer...