Mission Replay V1.1

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Erza Scarlet, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Mission Replay Unofficial v1.3 released.
    * Enhanced Challenges menu. Challenges with 0 progress will flash, and challenges already completed will have strikes on them.
    * Moved Extras category above Missions Completed category. This fixes the bug that the mouse doesn't work correctly when visiting the Challenges screen.
    * Added overview screen for Completed Quests which will display the number of quests you've completed.
    * Removed strikes from replayable objectives.
    * Added Lite flavor which doesn't have Side Quests category.

    The previous version had a bug that mouse doesn't work well in Challenges menu. After I moved the Extras category to near the top, this bug somehow disappeared. Maybe a few mouse-related variables are not reset correctly on menu transition?

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  2. ValeriyaMia

    ValeriyaMia Banned

    swim in the sea, ocean, nothing, just swim and all, what to do, help me
  3. I'm not sure what you are trying to say, but to replay the prologue missions (where the marker is somewhere on ocean) it is best to use a VTOL. The marker is in air, so swimming and jumping is not enough.
  4. ValeriyaMia

    ValeriyaMia Banned

    used, flew up, and nothing simple, nothing(
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