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Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Sir Kane, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Am I too late ? I just want STAG vehicles model (ex. N-Forcer) I've extracted the file and got str2_pc then ccar_pc and gcar_pc format not sure if they contain any mesh and how do I even view and convert them to obj or 3ds ?

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  2. They sure contain a mesh, but its not possible to extract them with this tool because they have a different format.
  3. That's sad, I wish someone could create a converter tool for them
  4. And I wonder how did you get this model?
  5. You can use ninjaripper or similar applications to get .obj files out of the game.
  6. I'm new to ninjaripper it doesn't seem to work I tried the DX9 version

    They only output me log file ,no rip file

    And could you get model of N-Forcer model for me if you get ninjaripper working with SRTT or SRIV please?
    I would appreciate it
  7. Ninja ripper works, but i wouldnt recommend it if you are not very skilled with 3d modelling. The file requires a fix when you extract it.
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  8. upload_2019-7-24_23-24-58.png
    I got some part of it but the door is messed up idk how to fix this lol
    im like 0 exp in 3d modelling
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