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Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Sir Kane, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. u only need deinstall max trail ,delete appdata entries,documents entries ,clean registry and install it new and u have 30 days again.
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  2. Aaand wich format are you pretending to export those files? and what files exactly are you trying to export? , vehicles? , if you're looking for vehicles that maybe you're right , this script is a w.i.p so there's some models that can't be exported atm (and i think it wouldn't because is an 3 years old post , Anyway , I actually did exported some clothing items and Hairstyles as FBX and they open well (some models with UV Problems , not a big deal though)
    Take a look.


    As you can see , i've been messing with clothing items , also with some tools i managed to extract some hairstyles like the Tottes Kawaii Hairstyle from SR IV Anime Pack DLC , So you can't say at all this plugin is useless.
  3. Where can i get the F-69 VTOL model? in wich package file is stored? vehicle.vpp_pc or vehicles_preload.vpp_pc?
    What is the specific custmesh , so i can get it for you!
    PS: Sorry if im late . i just been trying to realize somehow to get every single file extracted from saints row games ever since and its been a long process to get in depth.
  4. Here's a preview of the Saints VTOL only in LOD's without textures as an OBJ file
    (I don't know why any single VTOL model from saints row IV couldn't be loaded propperly by this awesome script)
    Since it works for both Saints Row Games , Let me know if you need it , so i can send it you on a PM.

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  5. I tried new hairstyles. the same format as the game. The import to Max works without problems. But how do I get new content into the game. That's what I meant.
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  6. Ah , atm is not possible , i've seen on another post a Volition FBX converter exclussively for those purpossal , Although , It was an w.i.p , and never was released , but i think it would be possible , only you need is knowledge on basic modding and programming language (for scripting) and merge external files with vanilla ones.
    Good luck!
  7. that's too bad, thank you anyway. I think there is already such a plugin, but it was never released by Volition. I think that they also use Max. everyone uses it. shit happens Doesn´t matter there is so much to mod for Saints. Every game should be like Skyrim, full access.
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  8. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    You can use this tool to convert an fbx to Saints Row's mesh file format.
  9. Not working, i did like it says, no error when creating , but it is not shown in the game
  10. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Well, the tool should work, but there's a number of things that could've gone wrong on your end. You'd have to go into more detail about what's your problem. Do you mean that your modded mesh is invisible or that the costume in question shows up as usual without the changes you made?
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