Make the breasts tighter in Saints Row IV

Discussion in 'Character Customisation & Clothing' started by johnr, May 9, 2016.

  1. hey i i'm quite a newbie in this game, regarding to this breast mod, i have a question :)
    i used this mod before:
    in this mod, there is no tweak file, but there is a customization items file..
    ik you already explain about how to edit the tweak file manually & what to do if we dont have both tweak and customization file..
    but what if in the case i only have customization file only without the tweak? how to edit it? :) rly appreaciate the help..
  2. In the archive you can download there are a customization file and a tweak file. Just extract the tweak file into your saints row folder and keep the customization file you already have and edit it manually
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  3. So i downloaded the Version i wanted, put the tweak_table.xbtl thingy in the saints row 4 folder and pasted the corresponding code into the already existing customnization_items.xbtl. Is that how its supposed to be done or did i do something wrong?
  4. It looks like you're all set. Don't forget to do what I wrote in the notes though (the sex appeal settings and the clothes) otherwise you'll get weird results
  5. Thanks and can I/we look forward to a fix of those "weird results"?
  6. What do you mean? As long as your sex appeal is set to 51 and you edited the dampening parameter in the customization_item file, you will get results similar to the screenshots I posted.
    Some clothes won't work well with this tweak but that can't be helped.
  7. oh sorry i didnt knew that.
  8. Any way to set it so it does not have to be at 51% sex appeal?
  9. I'm also wondering if we could set it more than 51% sex appeal
    Nice mod btw, this is how it should be instead we are getting those football stadium size cleavage on our vanilla character.
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  10. nice mod; also, the texture for the cowgirl style shirt i see you've changed it, i beg you let me know where it is and whats its name is
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