Make the breasts tighter in Saints Row IV

Discussion in 'Character Customisation & Clothing' started by johnr, May 9, 2016.

  1. Nope it can only be 51. The way I tweaked the breast system is that 51 is the critical value: picture the breasts making a full rotation and 51 being the only time when both sides converge towards each other, thus creating a tight cleavage.
    This is completely empirical since I never understood what the values really stood for. I guess we will have to settle for it.

    Thanks, glad you like it :)

    I didn't really edit this outfit. Have at look at the notes at the end of the first post, everything's explained. The colors are just two different stripes, maybe I used a mod to have more color choices but that's all
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  2. So sad that I play this on the ps4. You can do so much with the Pc Version.
  3. Well it goes on sale reasonably often for a mere $5 USD on Steam (for the "Game of the Century" edition, with all DLC)
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  4. cant find were the files i have to edit are were is the code file
  5. if i have the custumization items but not the tweak file what do i do
  6. halp i tried to do this and it still didnt do anything after i replaced dampening with dampenin
  7. where can I download the tweak_table.xtbl and customization_items.xtbl
  8. The files attached in the first post contain those files
  9. can't seem to find that post either
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