How to add custom music - Modding radio stations in Saints Row IV

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  1. I decided to write this post because I didn't find any information about this theme.
    Almost all the actions are the same as ones in this post:
    First of all, it's need to download necessary utilities:!G751GQgY!Bsyjya2WYFTGccYSIhzzFXpNzHRXv78K6XKx_TOw13M
    • Instead of Gibbed's Tools I used ThomasJepp.SaintsRow-rev121 utilities set.
    • BNK Tools are the same
    • Audiokinetic Wwise 2010.3.3 isn't working with SRIV, newer version is needed. I used 2014.1.6 version.
    • AudioTools folder contains new versions of ww2ogg.exe and revorb.exe that are required to be converted to an OGG format that is readable by the audio player.
    So, the steps are:
    1. Extract 3 files: misc_tables.vpp_pc, sounds_common.vpp_pc, soundboot.vpp_pc. These files are in SRIV folder/packfiles/pc/cache. Use ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.ExtractPackfileGUI.exe.
    2. Find your unpacked sounds_common.vpp_pc. In this folder find a file like this: radio_*_media.bnk_pc ("*" means name of a radio station). Copy this file into your working folder.
    3. Extract your radio_*_media.bnk_pc. Just drag and drop it over bnk_pc_extractor.exe.
    4. Unpack AudioTools folder where radio_*_media.bnk_pc is extracted. Run transcode.bat. When complete, look in the folder "Completed" - there are files that we will need later.
    5. Use Audacity for make uncompressed wav files. Just drag and drop all your custom music over the Audacity window. Ctrl+A -> Ctrl+Shift+L -> Choose destination folder and make sure if WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM is chosen. Click Export and wait.
    6. Install Wwise. First I installed Authoring_Data.msi, then Authoring_Win32.msi. Maybe installation program ask you to register an account.
    7. Perform the steps 5-10 in the same way as in the post I attached in the beginning. Don't close Wwise, it will help you in future.
    8. In the folder C:/Users/username/Documents/WwiseProjects/project_name/.cache/Windows/SFX you can find all the files in WEM format. Don't worry, it is a Vorbis (OGG) format which we needed. Copy all of them into your working folder where you extracted all the sound files from the radio station.
    9. Rename these .wem files into .wav files. Try to use short filenames. I used ReNamer Pro for this operation, you can use any similar program. For automating, I named files like this: 00.wav, 01.wav ... 16.wav etc. Open the metadata file (e.g. radio_klassic_media.txt). In each line that contains the path to filename, delete the part of the name so the end of filename remains. E.g., D:\Modding\radio\klassic\03.wav. The "Find and Replace" tool will help you.
    10. Run command prompt. Drag and drop bnk_pc_packer.exe, press Space, drag and drop radio_*_media.txt, press Space, drag and drop radio_*_media.bnk_pc. Press Enter. When done, old radio_*_media.bnk_pc will be replaced with new one, and new file will be appeared: radio_*_media.mbnk_pc.
    11. Copy radio_*_media.bnk_pc into sounds_common.vpp_pc folder, replace old file. Copy radio_*_media.mbnk_pc into soundboot.vpp_pc folder, replace old file.
    12. In a folder misc_tables.vpp_pc locate the file that contains the name of your radio station. E.g., klassic_radio.xtbl. Open it with Notepad or other text editor. Approximately in the middle of the file, locate the block <Song_List>. From here the information about all the songs in the radio station begins. In each <Info> block, find the line <Length>. This is the length of the song in milliseconds. Now maximize Wwise. Somewhere at the bottom right the duration of your songs will be indicated. It is necessary to enter it in the <Length> line. But note: the information about the songs is not in the order in which you extracted them. That's what I did: I opened all .ogg files in AIMP (you can use another player). The playlist shows the duration of all songs. I compared it with the duration in the <Length> line, and based on this I replaced the duration with the desired one. So I didn't have to listen to all the songs in a row. More details the guy in this video tells (begin watching at 18 minute): But the guy uses a tracklist for SR:TT. There is no one for SRIV.
    13. After saving, we need to repack 3 folders. Open ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.BuildPackfileGUI.exe. In the "Source Files" string you need to select a path for unpacked folder (e.g., D:\Modding\extracted-misc_tables.vpp_pc). Don't pay attention to string "Update .asm_pc file?". Just select Saints Row IV in the "Game" string and click Build. Specify the path for the future archive file, enter name misc_tables.vpp_pc. Do the same with soundboot and sounds_common folders. Now place your new files into SRIV folder/packfiles/pc/cache directory. Don't forget to backup original files!!!
    14. Enjoy your ingame music!
    P.S. For fans of hard rock/heavy metal I share my custom radio stations:!q3ZRFQxA!hcs5eltsCbXnbdVW-K86NCkpitWUUr5hD9-RjnJ3hu8
    Absolute Steel - Deliverance
    Absolute Steel - We Sentence You To Death
    AC/DC - Back In Black
    AC/DC - Thunderstruck
    Accept - Against The World
    Accept - Beat The Bastards
    Accept - Stalingrad
    Airbourne - Runnin' Wild
    Alcatrazz - Too Young to Die... Too Drunk to Live
    Anthrax - I Am The Law
    Anthrax - S.S.C./Stand Or Fall
    Anthrax - Soldiers Of Metal
    Black Sabbath - Danger Zone
    Black Sabbath - Headless Cross
    Black Sabbath - The Law Maker
    Black Sabbath - Turn To Stone
    Black Sabbath - What's The Use
    Cacophony - Concerto
    Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony
    Deep Purple - Fireball
    Deep Purple - Highway Star
    Diamond Head - Am I Evil?
    Diamond Head - Helpless
    Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations
    Dio - Breathless
    Dio - Rainbow In The Dark
    Doro - Burn It Up
    Doro - Raise Your Fist In The Air
    Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown
    Halford - One Will
    Halford - Resurrection
    Halford - The One You Love To Hate
    Helloween - Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
    Helloween - Ride The Sky
    Helloween - Sole Survivor
    Helloween - Victim Of Fate
    Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Midnight
    Iron Maiden - Aces High
    Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus
    Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden - No More Lies
    Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills
    Iron Maiden - Speed of Light
    Iron Maiden - The Trooper
    Iron Savior - H.M. Powered Man
    Iron Savior - Heavy Metal Never Dies
    Iron Savior - Tyranny Of Steel
    Judas Priest - Between The Hammer & The Anvil
    Judas Priest - Freewheel Burning
    Judas Priest - Hell Patrol
    Judas Priest - Metal Meltdown
    Judas Priest - Painkiller
    Judas Priest - Rapid Fire
    Judas Priest - Redeemer Of Souls
    Judas Priest - The Green Manalishi
    Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Comin'
    Manowar - Call To Arms
    Manowar - Hand Of Doom
    Manowar - Kings Of Metal
    Manowar - Manowar
    Manowar - The Dawn Of Battle
    Megadeth - 44 Minutes
    Megadeth - Dialectic Chaos
    Megadeth - Fast Lane
    Megadeth - Head Crusher
    Megadeth - Never Walk Alone... A Call To Arms
    Metallica - All Nightmare Long
    Metallica - Battery
    Metallica - Dyers Eve
    Metallica - Fuel
    Metallica - Master Of Puppets
    Metallica - Metal Militia
    Metallica - Ride The Lightning
    Metallica - Suicide & Redemption
    Motorhead - (We Are) The Road Crew
    Motorhead - Ace Of Spades
    Motorhead - Back At The Funny Farm
    Motorhead - Bomber
    Racer X - Golden God
    Racer X - Street Lethal
    Racer X - Superheroes
    Racer X - Technical Difficulties
    Rage - Down
    Rage - Drop Dead!
    Rage - Firestorm
    Rage - Supersonic Hydromatic
    Running Wild - Chains And Leather '89
    Running Wild - Conquistadores
    Running Wild - Fire & Ice
    Running Wild - Fire & Thunder
    Running Wild - Heads Or Tails
    Running Wild - Masquerade
    Running Wild - Riding The Storm
    Running Wild - Roaring Thunder
    Running Wild - Rolling Wheels
    Running Wild - Sinister Eyes
    Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger
    Running Wild - Whirlwind
    Saxon - Batallions Of Steel
    Saxon - Princess Of The Night
    Saxon - Sea Of Life
    U.D.O. - I'm A Rebel
    U.D.O. - Steelhammer
    Warlock - All We Are
    Warlock - I Rule The Ruins
    Yngwie Malmsteen - Air On A Theme
    Yngwie Malmsteen - Cry No More
    Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire And Ice
    Yngwie Malmsteen - My Resurrection
    Yngwie Malmsteen - Trilogy Suite Op.5

    P.S.S. Once again I want to say thank you to a comrade under the nickname Toad King.
    P.S.S.S. Sorry for possible spelling mistakes, I'm from Russia ;)
  2. Hello. I have a problem with editing audio files in SRIV and I don't know where should I explain it, because you weren't online since January. If you have Discord, then write to kuhkuhronnie#7883 or add me in VKontakte
  3. Gosh, took me days to make it worked, hahah. Well, indeed this one is important --
    Stubborn me thinking that the latest version/2019.2.3 of Wwise could, indeed it's not while also trying my luck with 2010.3.3 that used on this thread which also not working. For anyone that looking for the working version/2014.1.6 -- you can grab it here. Also important to follow the guide on the video posted by the OP there, by ignoring checks for Stream and Zero latency field on the settings -- works for me that way. From there, everything's good.

    Edit: from my latest attempt it seem to be a better idea to check both the Stream and Zero latency field on the settings. What happened on my end [when they were not] was the songs would overlap one with another, as well with commercials. With them checked, the songs would stop at the appropriate cue - as intended. Though it maybe because of how they were ordered in the metadata/.txt, but might as well start from there.

    Also GOG users should install both sounds_common.vpp_pc and soundboot.vpp_pc to packfiles\pc\cache and overwrite the vanilla, there's no other way unfortunately -- so make sure you have them backed-up first. While the .xtbl can just be placed to the mods folder.

    All said and done, many thanks for this tutorial, OP. Cheers.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2020
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  4. oh god, THANK YOU! I may try it later
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