1. Spike25512

    .dmav File

    probably won't get a response but when extracting "radio_klassic_media.bnk.pc" file it gives me a ton of .bin files and .dmav files is there any way to edit the .dmav files?
  2. A

    Wwise 2012 DL Broken

    Hey all, So, I've recently been looking into making a mod for the Dubstep gun, and I see that it requires Wwise 2012.2 build 4419. When I went to the download page linked in the SRMods forum, it appears that even after accepting the license agreement the download does not initiate. I've spam...
  3. 7BSamuel

    Santo Ileso Radio Stations

    I'm curious what everyones' thoughts are on the radio stations of Santo Ileso - like the music, the DJs, and the newscaster (since she seems to be the only thing resembling commercials that I've heard) Some examples: What are some things you wish they would've added/done differently? And am I...
  4. S

    Most complete list of song and audio file names by number

    I don't know how exactly to word it, but when audio files are extracted (thanks rgbpanda!) they are basically just random strings of numbers and all of them are in a completely random order. So far I have only gone through audio files from "[...]/sr5/data/sr_city/audio but I will also be going...
  5. rgbpanda

    Saints Row The Third Menu Music

    This mod changes the Saints Row Reboot Menu music to that of Saints Row The Third. Requirements: You need my patch tool -> Installation: copy the sr3_menu_music folder into Click the Patch button in the...
  6. D

    imagine as designed music

    is there any downloadable files for the music, or links if the music was created by an individual artist not associated with volition
  7. My name is not important

    Ambient music

  8. Vlad Viper

    New Dubstep Gun Music

    I made a mod that replaces all the base game tracks and skins for the dubstep gun. The songs used: Arsenal Pyramid - Interior - Tomoya Ohtani Friends - Hyper Potions Vs. Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP) - Naofumi Hataya The design of the skins are based on the character Infinite...
  9. shiningknight345

    No Garage / Crib / Store Music

    So I know the simple way to do this is to just disable the music in game entirely, but considering I just went through the process to replace the in game radio music I'd rather not do that. Is there a mod out there that just prevents the music from playing in the crib or store menus? Or is...
  10. faygo10

    Saints Row 1 theme for title screen

    I don't know the legalities of this but would it be possible for someone to mod Saints Row 1's theme to play on the title screen of Saints Row 2 rather than the standard radio music?
  11. D

    How to add custom music - Modding radio stations in Saints Row IV

    I decided to write this post because I didn't find any information about this theme. Almost all the actions are the same as ones in this post: First of all, it's need to download necessary utilities...

    Music On-foot radio swither and audible for COOP player

    Can you please make a music switcher (Like on-foot radio in IdolNinja's Sandbox+ for SRTT) for SRIV?
  13. nclok1405

    All Music Auto Unlock (Make all song usable on Playlist Editor by default)

    All Music Auto Unlock v0.1 Created by nclok1405 Download:AllMusicAutoUnlock_v0.1.7z === Description === This mod makes all songs always available by default on the Playlist Editor. This mod is useful for using your favorite song very early in the game, and can also restore access to the songs...
  14. FloralDinosaur

    A simple music mod

    Can I get - or even be taught to make - a mod that plays "Deja Vu" from Initial D every time you drift (or powerslide or whatever you wanna call it) in your car?
  15. ZoeyPosthuman

    Not Annoying Pause Screen

    Seriously, the default was always a little lowkey grading, but Coconuts and Tchoupa Twist are actually worse. I want a pause screen I can leave open and have something that's not so in-your-face that I'm forced to notice it, nor so repetitive that I want to punch my screen over it. Actually, you...
  16. PlatinumMaster

    Replacing the Dubstep Gun tracks and making the gun fire.

    Hello everyone! After searching the internet far and wide and not finding any way of replacing the Dubstep Gun's music with a custom one that will make the gun fire, I've decided to look into it myself, and have been able to successfully achieve this. The tools that I used for this are...
  17. ☪MidnightWinter❄

    Saints row GOOH and IV Ambient Music?

    So I've been wondering this for awhile as I really adore and like the ambient music in GOOH and IV, is there any possible way to listen to the music files outside of game? I've tried looking up on the Net but haven't been able to find any videos of the ambient music only. Thanks so much! Also...
  18. H

    DubStep/ Music changer

    Can someone make a editable Saint Row IV music changer. Playing the same song get tiresome. Somewhat the same mod like for Saint row 3 where you have to use an audio player and change it song.
  19. Nano 2

    Mall/Airport music extract/question

    I've mentioned this waaay back on the official SR forums but: 1: Does anyone have the extracted ambient music/muzak that plays in the Rounds Square Mall/Wardill Airport? 2: On my current system, the songs fade in to or outright cut off each other, while on an older system (Vista 32-bit) the...
  20. Veleox

    Custom Music in SRIV?

    is it possible to put your own music files into the game so you can hear them on the radio stations in cars?