How Do I Use An Existing (OBJ) Model's Textures Instead Of Making New Ones

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  1. Heyo it me. I just have a couple question when it comes to a OBJ model I am trying to use for my next mod. I am currently in the middle of making the model fit around the the basic player models in Saints Row 4. But before that I quickly exported the scaled down model (Player Size) into Maya 2015 to see if I might have any headaches....and yeah this is gonna be a headache.
    The problems are that I look in the Hypershade (Where you can apply textures to your model) to see that the model by itself has 12 DIFFERENT parts for it, mind you the Phongs are as follow: These are the Phongs in order: 1st) SZ_A1_Beard_MIC (phong) , 2nd) SZ_A1_Costume1_MIC (phong), 3rd) SZ_A1_Costume2_MIC (phong), 4th) SZ_A1_HairOpaque_MIC (phong) , 5th) SZ_A1_HairTranslucent_MIC (phong), 6th) SZ_A1_Leather1_MIC (phong) , 7th) SZ_A1_Leather2_MIC (phong), 8th) SZ_A1_Metal1_MIC (phong) , 9th) SZ_A1_Skin_MIC (phong, 10th) SZ_A_EyeFilm_MIC(phong) , 11th) SZ_A_Eyelashes_MIC (phong), 12th)
    SZ_A_EyesMouth_MIC (phong), and of course the lambert1 (lambert) and particleCloud1 (particleCloud) and shaderGlow1 (shaderGlow). So I thought "Oh Okay I will just have to apply all the textures I have for it" and I did just that to test it and NONE of the right textures matched up with where it should be applied to the model (AKA: The hair color will cover OVER the model's face, the vest of the model looks all scattered and mess, and stuff like that). So I decided to hop back to Blender 2.79 to see what's up to find that when I unwrap the Player Size model to find that the UV Map doesn't match up with ANY of the textures the OBJ model comes with because the model was shrunken down so it must of messed up the model's UV Map.
    So yeah quick a headache for a novice like me, I am only use to dealing with ONE texture set (Diffuse and Normal) . I am hoping that someone will help me out this problem so I can continue forward with this mod idea. I will post some pics of what I have seen so far during this experience. As always thank you in advance :) .

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  2. U havent solve it yet? Try flipping the UV In the Uv editor tab when u apply the material
  3. Your textures use channel based compression. Some textures(like opacity, roughness, specular...) is black an white so you can paste them to one of the 4 texture channel(Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) so the engine uses a shader that will divide this texture by channel an apply it to mesh. Bad news - every game has own approach to compressing textures, also artist can put some additional masks in channels.

    More here
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  4. OH MY GOD! I AM SOOOO SORRY THAT I AM JUST SEEING THIS NOW!!!! Little update: I am just gonna try to import it after modeling in Maya via FBX Converter. The NEW problem is....ugh....the FBX Converter won't launch even though I know for sure I installed it properly but to no avail. Any possible fix?
  5. Never mind figure it out lol I'M A BIG BOI!
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  6. Hey quick question. I am right now at the part where I use the FBX converter but when it finally uploads the model into the converter it doesn't show all 11 materials and such when I try to convert it is say "such-such" material needs a shader but when I try to find it not there and so I try to delete a phong I don't need for it but it does the exact same thing except now it replaces it with an "Default" material that needs a shader as well. Please ANY help will be nice. Hope hear back from anyone as soon as possible. Again thank you all for giving up your time to help little ole novice me :) . Capture.PNG
  7. Thats either because they are not added to the mesh or they are not properly made. I can see, the first 5 in your hypershade are not phongs right?
  8. @BeautiDuwanger95 I believe they are suppose to be phongs. To be honest I dunno lol.
  9. Actually I just check one of those first 5 and it appears to be a phong. Also how would I add the material to the mesh. Do I just right click the material and drag up to add them?
  10. You added the materials to your mesh right? If u have the model textured in mayas view then its ok. If not: Select the mesh>hypershade>desired material>hold Right click >assign material to selection
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