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  1. The copy of soundboot.vpp_pc (EN) that [V] IdolNinja posted on page 2 in this thread is not what is being distributed in 2017 from steam.

    The latest version of the Gibbed tools ( crashes when trying to unpack this file.

    [929/930] voc_swat_wm.bnk_pc

    Unhandled Exception: System.IO.EndOfStreamException: Attempted to read past the end of the stream.
    at Gibbed.IO.StreamHelpers.WriteFromStream(Stream stream, Stream input, Int64 size, Int32 buffer)
    at Gibbed.IO.StreamHelpers.WriteFromStream(Stream stream, Stream input, Int64 size)
    at Gibbed.Volition.Pack.VPP.Unpacker`1.Main(String[] args)
    at Gibbed.SaintsRow3.UnpackVPP.Program.Main(String[] args)

    4,141,080 bytes bytes
    md5: 5dc2d3c681a3f6c7dae7c60759f6b932


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  2. Greetings.... to ALL .... This is my 1st post.. so to start with, it's nice to know that "Dr. Gordon Freeman" (a.k.a. "Minimaul") is still alive and kicking!! (I played every half-life game ever made for years!!!)... And to you sir.. what an awesome site, and some very talented contributors! ... I'm new to this game series and have been wanting to make some changes to the vanilla game files, but after the last couple days (going in circles ,actually) looking for the latest "gibbed's tools for sr3" , i figured i would just make this post and ask for someone to point me in the right direction to download them. I just downloaded " " . Is this/are these the latest up-to-date/stable/working set of tools for srtt?
    Thank you in advance for anyone who would like to help!

    [Edit] : .... I just found this page "" , and this ... "" appears to be the latest version/revision.

    [Edit] : .... Next tricky/Stupid question.... Does rev.131 work on SRTT? .... I guess i could just try it and find out ... DOH ! ! !
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  3. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    The Gibbed tools are the original Saints Row 3 modding tools created by Rick "Gibbed". Rick is a really smart guy and a skilled modder.
    Rick's website is here:
    Rick maintains the source code to all his Volition modding tools in GitHub here:
    Minimaul created a fork of Rick's original tools with some improvements here:
    These are the tools I recommend to mod Saints Row 3.
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  4. Kool, thx for the reply. Sooo... i should just use the rev-96 toolset? ,or the 131,or should it matter?

    ... also, Quantum....(if you don't mind me asking),... I'm really wanting to modify/customize the Default keyboard layout, as i HATE trying to use the "w,s,a,d" default layout. .... eg: I use the up arrow to move forward, down arrow to move back, comma to strafe left, period to strafe right. This opens about 12 (or more) keys i can use with my pinky and third finger, [left hand]....These almost 60 yr. old hands aren't as flexible as they used to be! lol .... I'm just wondering what 'challenges/difficulties/files' i'm going to 'encounter/need to edit' in trying to do so? .... I found the "control_schemes.xtbl" file from one of the mods i'm trying out,(can't remember which one at the moment),but is that the file i would need to edit?

    [edit] ... it ("control_schemes.xtbl")was in the "Things To Do In Steelport - Family Edition V1.1" mod, and it's install instructions say to return the default keyboard layout back to the default settings using the f1 key, so the mod will work as designed.....But that kinda screws up the changes i make to my keyboard layout. .... I'm thinking that i should be able to transpose or swap the keys i want to use with the ones that that mod is using and it should work?? But i'm not sure as yet.I'll have to make sure i get the names of the keys right, so to speak. I also have winmerge (haven't tried it yet) and notepad++.

    [edit] ... I may need to edit this file also "control_binding_sets.xtbl" . I just noticed it in the Things To Do In Steelport mod.
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  5. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    To do any modding for Saints Row 3, you will need to start with the gibbed tools (rev. 96). These are the required basic tools. Please read this tutorial.
    The "131" tools you mentioned are primarily for modding Saints Row 4, but contain some tools that also work with SR3. It does not contain all the tools you will need.
    When selecting tools to use for modding, always use the tools in the appropriate game forum on this site.

    I haven't tried remapping keys, since I use an Xbox 360 controller, so I can't help you there.
  6. - Yeah, that would make sense to use the right tools for the right game/job, it was getting confusing looking for the appropriate tool set for srtt. I figured/assumed that the most up-to-date revision would also contain ALL the tools needed. I have been reading alot of the tuts also. ... I had also forgotten about the site, and his set of tools. I had been trying to modify a few things in GTAIV awhile ago, thx for reminding me.
    I also use an Xbox One controller for driving/flying, but prefer the keyboard for walking around etc. I just find that the keyboard and mouse are alot quicker and more accurate for aiming and jumping around etc,(it's hard to teach an OLD dog NEW tricks). I don't even own an Xbox system, but got the controller for the analogue input. Digital/Binary is either on (1) or off (0), instantly, and makes it very hard to steer a car/vehicle smoothly... lol.

    - ps: I downloaded "VIPER'S Compilation Of Greatest Mods" last night (looks rather interesting), so i may be doing a fresh install and update just to make sure everything from any other mods are properly removed and is going to work properly, ... and then play with the keyboard remapping project afterwards.

    - Anyway "Q", Thx for your help and input/suggestions! ! ! I'll try to remember to use the appropriate forum and do the appropriate research (before asking a bunch of stupid questions)....when i run into the next Quandery/problem. Thx again.
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  7. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    If you plan to add and remove mods frequently to try them, you may want to try my Simple Mod Manager. I only install mods with that, so I can easily turn on and off mods by just selecting them in the menu. You can't install certain mods together, but it will tell you if you can't and won't let you do anything wrong.
  8. - I usually like to play a game all the way through before modding it, or trying to make changes, but.... Yes, i noticed that program yesterday when i was browsing through some of the mods you have created, looks like it should be pretty easy to use. ... I'm also going to try your Weather Mod: Non-Stop Rain too. ... I like rain. ... It makes everything fresh and clean and (sometimes a real mess), But ... the smell in the air after a good rain. ... Invigorating. ... Hmmm ?? ... can you add rain smells to your mod?... maybe someday 100 yrs from now they will have figured that stuff out.... (I'll have to look into getting a "Fresh Rain" scented air-freshener i guess, (in the mean time) and hang it around my neck while playing) .... virtual smelly files...they'll probably have a " .fart " file extension or (something similar depending on the fragrance) ?? .... (.fart files - High Speed Smelly Servers) .... Ooops off on another strange tangent again! ... sorry .
    Thx "Q"again for your quick and concise response/advice Etc. I'll let you know how the re-mapping thing turns out.

    .... on a side note after looking at " this tutorial " again today, ... any files that are in the root folder (with the .exe), automatically override the files in the other folders? I'm pretty sure that's how it works , but just wanted to verify that.
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