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I've been working on Gibbed's tools for Saints Row: The Third and have added a few fixes.

Edit: these links no longer work, and I'll be replacing these tools soon. The old version can for the moment be downloaded from here:

Rev 96:
- added verbose_unpacker.cmd: if you drag a vpp_pc file onto this instead of UnpackVPP, it will show you more information - such as where the file is, where it's being extracted to, and what files it's unpacking.

Rev 95 repack:
- remove some .vshost.exe files

Rev 95:
- Fix a crash on unpacking str2_pc files

Rev 94:
- Add Pcust morph and Customization Rig support to UpdateASM (fixes customize_item.asm_pc)

Rev 93:
- Add Vehicles, Vehicle CVTF, Vehicle PEG and Vehicle VFX to UpdateASM (fixes vehicle_containers.asm_pc, dlc1_vehicle_containers.asm_pc, dlc2_vehicle_containers.asm_pc)

Rev 92:
- merge in Corrodias's updates to UpdateASM
- Add support for Pcust mesh, Pcust PEG and Pcust morph to UpdateASM (fixes customize_item.asm_pc)

You can get the original versions from:
Source code:
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can you explain how to use this?... i dont understand how it works, its sepposed to pack and extract VPP ASM and STR files right?... how do you use it?
omg im so sorry i saw this post.. and i downloaded and after a couple of days here i am asking something i should know.. it happends all the time.. sheesh sorry..
im gonna freakin bookmark it this time!! >,<"
How to update the customize_item.asm_pc file? When i try to update with the updateasm tool i have an Error: unsupported primitive type 9 <'Pcust mesh'>
I have another error when i try to update the customize_item.asm_pc file: Error: container 'custmesh_1632961668' is missing primitive data 'cf_body.gpeg_pc'
Yes, I get that too on rebuild.

That's because it's genuinely missing - but you'll find the generated asm_pc file works.