modding patch

  1. Singa

    Forum changes and updates

    The "Ask Volition" subforum has been closed until further notice. Back when Saints Row IV received official modding support, and several Volition devs were active members here who helped with troubleshooting and developing tools, the Ask Volition forum was created so that modders could ask...
  2. S

    How to merge 2 mods?

    So there is 2 mods i cant live without. Non gliching city( and Ultra Powers( But both modify the same file(tweak_table). I tried merging both mods but couldnt get...
  3. smashbro596

    WORKSHOP Modding patch hype!

    Know what makes an already awesome game like saints row 4 even better? mods. saints row 4 has PLENTY of insanity already. but mods? might be the biggest source of insanity post-game. I saw a post on the steam forums asking about when the modding patch happens, our good friend, the champion of...
  4. flow754

    Flamethrower Guitar and TEK Z-10 - modding patch only

    Hey there, first of all, I'm sorry it took me so long to put out some new mods. Second, this mod will only be available for modding patch testers. I'm aware that not everyone on this site is taking part in the modding patch beta, but I wanted to post this release in this specific sub-forum...