Female Player Animation Replacer for SRGOOH

Why does mine freeze when i press Esc button
Are you running the Steam version of the game?

and after I created my female character in the beginning, she changes back to Johnny Gat after going to Ultor but the animation is there.
You need to open the clothing store and remove the GAT/Kinzie outfit.

How do I download??
The download is on the first page under the pictures (the very first file).

you can only use one new animation at a time?
With the optional animations you can only use one pistol animation with one rifle animation and one idle animation together at the same time. In the extras folder I have added many variations.

apparently. and it's breakin my heart. these are all so good. would love to use the hand on hip pistol along with the sexy animated idle, but the files are all the same name. any way to merge these all into one?
You can use the hand on hip pistol animation together with the seductive idle animation, open the folder "Pistol 4 (hand on hip) Stand 3 (seductive)" or "Pistol 4 (hand on hip) Rifle 3 (gun side) Stand 3 (seductive)" and copy the "tables" folder to your "\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row Gat out of Hell" (where SaintsRowGatOutOfHell.exe is located) replacing any files. Also if you unlock the dual wield pistol ability, the dual wield animation will override the hand on hip pistol animation.
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nice mod tested on saints row 4 and goes great
why not gat out of hell animations for saints row 4?
i like the original gat out of hell anims
especialy normal male sprint (johnny gat sprint)

i know now that to do that we need to port the anims :p
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IF THAT (new idle animations) and (new pistol animations) are made NOT "all other female player animations have been replaced" and JUST FOR FEMALE ONLY ,this mod will be THE BEST For female animation
Maybe You can ADD your 2 new female player " Standing and pistol standing" animations with this mod ( Alternate Animations for Female Player Character - SRTT Edition )