Extra clothing colors and extra makeup colors

Yeah precisely, if it was a true bug it would have spread to other places, not just the wardrobe. This is why I suspect it could be a deliberate "glitch".
I think it's a out of memory issue triggered by a mod. And if I recall correctly i read about the same problem for SRTT with the cheat mod. But i've read that long ago and I'm not certain.
Then why wasn't this bug been present in SRTT ? And why hasn't it been fixed yet via a patch ? o_O
I actually have had it happen in SRTT, specifically when I was using the 'aircraft are boats' mod to recolor some helis... I ended up with a yellow helicopter that I had intended to be black.
Well I encountered that bug before I installed any mods, I remember it struck me as odd because of that. Anyway this is going kinda off-topic and unless this is something that can be fixed via modding there's nothing we can do about it and must wait for Volition to patch it.