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Extended Vertical Aiming

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by [V] IdolNinja, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. If I can do a better job at it, I will consider it, but for right now, you are the pro, and I am still just messing with it.
  2. Ok well lets see if this file helps anyone. With it, I am currently able to aim Death From Above straight down from where I am in the air, however, the camera seems to spin wildly when aiming straight down. If you angle even slightly in any direction, it will not do that. If I screwed up, then blame me, but if not, all credit goes to IdolNinja for his idea.

    Also, as a bonus side effect, this allows you to use powers while floating in the air using the targetting from DFA, in any direction.

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  3. Wouldn't 89 degrees be the better compromise then?
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  4. Is there a mod like this for SRTT?
  5. No idea, but all you need to know is this:
    in camera_free.xtbl
    (and try (-)89 in case camera spasms ensue)
    There is however no DFA in SR3 afaik. ;)
  6. Does this include the changes of the FOV Fix mod? If not, does this mod increase the FOV too or does it retain the game's default FOV?
  7. this mod just make your zoom aiming more far
  8. This is another great one ~ Just last night I could have really used this one..

    * Great job as always.