Extended Taunts v1

I fixed the crash after watching the animations after "yoga" with copying the files to SR IV AND Inauguration Station (after i got an error >inauguration station not working>
I too got some items stuck to my character (sausages, signs etc), but they vanished after restarting the game - i hope this helps ;)
Actions are in the anim_actions.xtbl
Some cool ones that are listed are - as follows:
"blazin end", "breakdancer backspin", "breakdancer poplock", "brotherhood insult c", "cell take pic", "construction roadsign stop", "drunk beg", "drunk drink", "drunk piss", "drunk walk fall over b", "drunk walk stumble", "energy blast", "fight club end", "fight club start", "flashbang a stand to", "fraud_dive_a" - thru -"fraud_dive_f", "freefall collision", "fuck buddy kinzie kinzie" (well actually any of those), "genki end", "genki reaction", "hail taxi" (just for shitz-n-giggles), "horrified a" - thru "horrified c", "idle fix hair", "idle flirt", "inflato end" (not sure if this would work though), "josh door fail", "m0 obl bash action", "m00 crate kill player", "m00 crate kill vic", "m02 breakfast pick up fork", "m02 breakfast eat", "m02 player eat breakfast a", "m02 player eat breakfast b", "m02 stub toe", and so on and so on....

Out of those
I'm guessing
drunk, breakdancer, blazin end, F buddy..., genki end, inflato end, and m02 player eat breakfast a or b, and fight club end would be good ones.

Oh and I think the reason it keeps crashing is you didn't separate the taunts from the comps. You added comps and taunts to the top, so the system see's... x set of taunts, x set of comps, then the original x set of taunts, and x set of comps below it and it just crash's.
Add the taunts in the taunt area, and comps in the comp area and it probably wont crash... Just an idea.

After testing, most of those don't work... trial and error.
Blazin finish did work as well as hail taxi, but that was about it.
I really really wanted that Eat'n Pancakes as a taunt... oh well.
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This is a pretty awesome mod, I can't wait for the voices to get mixed in. Maybe you can even fix some of the vanilla taunts that seem to not have a voice attached to them for some voice types like the "HOOOOO!", unless that something that has to be fixed on Volition's end. Still not sure what the problem actually is but anyway, keep it up! XD
It's awesome to have extended taunts again.

BTW, if anyone wants want a more stable file, the easiest fix to the reduce the number of taunts. I've cut it down to just the ones I wanted and I haven't had a crash since. Just remember that when you remove an insult/compliment from the file, remove the whole chunk from <CustomizableActions> to </CustomizableActions> without any leftover code to break the file.

Additionally, you can make a taunt silent by deleting the <Situation> line. Your character will do the animation without speaking. The game seems to draw the animation itself from the plym and plyf_taunt_number line of the code.

And some of my favorites from SR3 still work, just by dropping them into the file!

<LocalizedTag>Pole Dancing A</LocalizedTag>
<Action>Pole Dancing A</Action>

<Name>cheer routine a</Name>
<LocalizedTag>cheer routine a</LocalizedTag>
<Action>cheer routine a</Action>

<Name>Hoe Stand B</Name>
<LocalizedTag>Hoe Stand B</LocalizedTag>
<Action>Hoe Stand B</Action>

<Name>Hoe Pacing</Name>
<LocalizedTag>Hoe Pacing</LocalizedTag>
<Action>Hoe Pacing</Action>

They can be entered as "Insult" as well as "Compliment".
Here is an early version of the extended taunts. In its current form it is just the animations that i found that worked added to both taunts and compliments. As I find more usable animations some will be added , others swapped out. I will also get around to adding player voice effects to them eventually was well.
your old taunts crashes but my version tighten my favourite taunts but where you get the taunt filename from?