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Editing the grizzly.

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by Jason Michael Parravicini, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Big fan of Saints Row and GotR in particular.

    I have, I hope, a quick question about editing in Saints row 2.

    I have found where the entry for the Grizzly is, but I don't know what to change to make it function a little less 'lightly' then it does currently. The issue is basically that it literally flys if bumped by another car or even a bike.

    The other day it flipped onto it's roof because it bumped into a car. I just want it to be a bit 'meatier' less get bumped fly like an eagle. More grounded I suppose. :)

    I have found the veh file that is the entry to the Grizzly.

    I have a gibbed thing that I opened it up with and I think I get the recompiling idea. I just don't want to screw up the GotR mod. :)

    Any insight you can provide would be most helpful and appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello? Anyone help?
  3. Are you talking about a vehicle handling mod for the APC also known as the Bear? Just put it in your new GotR patch.o_O
    -Had you tried increasing the values <weight></weight> or <mass></mass>? (sorry, I forget what it was called)
    -Also look into Angular Dampen, this makes the vehicles flip around less.