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Disable Bloodsucker DLC

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by DataSnake, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Well, Add it as a low-priority possibility on the to-do list, it would be a great addition to the GSC pack. :)
  2. Thanks for the Update IdolNinja, it's great.

    I've given a try at inserting the new perks, and it seems to be a bit more complicated than altering the unlockables.xtbl and the respect_levels.xtbl. The main issue I'm having is getting the first unlock to appear. I have a feeling that once I can get that, everything will fall in to place. I've got a feeling there is one more .xtbl file I need to be editing, as the original cash bonus perk does not appear in the respect_levels table.
  3. Thanks Man Because I Hated The Bloodsucking Animation
  4. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Are you have Steam version of SR3?
  5. I've fixed the Bloodsucker DLC!!!

    I've managed to alter it so that all the perks will REMAIN locked until you decide to purchase them. You can also CHOOSE to purchase the Bloodsucking ability, or you can KEEP the neck snap ability. It is also compatible with older saves, providing you use the save editor.

    Seriously, this was about 15 minutes of work progress (probably stuck 4 hours overall into figuring this out, but then I hardly knew what I was doing) and an hour of testing, why didn't Volition do it themselves?

    Here is the perk list:
    Bonus Cash Boost 1 (Respect level: 2 Cost: 11, 500) Bumped this up to level 2
    Bonus Cash Boost 2 (Respect level: 13 Cost: 17, 500)
    Bonus Cash Boost 3 (Respect level: 34 Cost: 22, 250)
    *Bonus Cash Boost 4 (Respect level: 40 Cost: 27, 000)

    Bonus Hourly Income 1 (Respect level: 4 Cost: 3,500)
    Bonus Hourly Income 2 (Respect level: 11 Cost: 10, 000)
    Bonus Hourly Income 3 (Respect level: 20 Cost: 17, 000)
    *Bonus Hourly Income 4 (Respect level: 27 Cost: 25, 000)

    Respect Bonus 1 (Respect level: 7 Cost: 6, 000)
    Respect Bonus 2 (Respect level: 15 Cost: 13, 000)
    Respect Bonus 3 (Respect level: 30 Cost: 21, 250)
    *Respect Bonus 4 (Respect level: 35 Cost: 30, 000)

    Scavenger 1 (Respect level: 4 Cost: 3,250)
    *Scavenger 2 (Respect level: 10 Cost: 9, 000)
    *Vampire Neck bite (Respect level: 3 Cost: 5000)

    *I increased the price on these by roughly the same increment as the previous levels, and put the level at where I thought they'd best be.

    Edit: Also note that the regen bonus that comes with the dlc won't take effect until the Vampire Neck Bite perk has been purchased

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  6. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    I was a bit concerned that this might circumvent the restrictions on the DLC and that it would allow people who didn't own it to actually get all those bonuses. I'm happy to report that this is not the case. With a new save, and not owning the DLC, the menu choices appear but are permanently locked and cannot be bought even with the save editor.

    Nice work!
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  7. Ha score, didn't think of that. The extra respect/cash bonuses wouldn't be such a problem, as they are extensions of existing perks and could be easily modded in if someone wanted, but the blood sucking part is exclusive to the dlc so that could have caused problems. Glad my contribution can live on.

    It was quite fun (and frustrating when it wouldn't work) tinkering around trying to find what worked. I initially tried duplicating the existing perks and renaming them, but that didn't work, so I tried starting from scratch with an unaltered unlockables file and renaming the existing perks which is what yielded a result. When I realised the bonuses were working, I thought I'd try the blood sucking and managed to get that working too. :)
  8. Wow man great work, I have been holding off playing this game, because of this Bloodsucker traincrash (bought the franchise pack). I contacted steam support, but they wouldnt remove it, typical... Anyway thank to you I can now enjoy this game properly.

    Just one question, I read the 'readme' and I am a bit confused. Do I have to manually unlock the bonuses when I reach the appropiate level via file editing, or can I unlock them by purchasing them ingame, I am a bit confused on this part.

    Again thanks man, you just made my day :)
  9. If you're starting a new game then the perks will appear in your phone ready for purchase automatically, if you are using a game you have already started the the perks will be in the phone but will be listed as locked (as if you haven't reached the level to buy them) so you will have to use the save editor to unlock them

    e.g if you are using a save that is already on level 8, you will need to use the save editor to tick the left hand coloumn for these perks, because you have already passed the level where they unlock:
    Bonus Cash Boost 1 (level 2)
    Bonus Hourly Income 1 (level 4)
    Scavenger 1 (level 4)
    Respect Bonus 1 (level 7)

    I hope that clears your question up.
  10. FalseFirebird

    FalseFirebird Pirate

    I downloaded this mod and installed it but when I do the game crashes as soon as I try and load my save.
    Because I play the pirated version of the game, I drag and dropped the mod into "C:\Program Files (x86)\THQ\Saints Row The Third"

    Is there something I am doing wrong or isn't the mod compatible with the pirated version some how?