Customize any vehicle plus wardrobe color changer

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by [V] IdolNinja, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. i can't change colours of DLC vehicle. it doesn't let me enter the "COLOURS" option but only other options like wheels & performance.

    do i have to install this mod before "the escape" mission?
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  2. i've tried removing all other mods. but it still doesn't allow me to change dlc vehicles' colour :(
    do i have to start a new game in order to do that?
  3. does anyone have the following same problem?

    the following dlc vehicles don't let me click into "colours" to change colour;
    texas t, scallywagon, stoned, retro rocket, puck truck.

    while Shayne's Barstool Racer allows to change "windows" colour.

    is this normal or just me?
  4. Some vehicles, for example, "Texas T", remain uncolourizable. That's a problem, since I use cRAZYSAINT's "More Paint Colors Mod", and vehicles became strange coloured.
  5. Me too. Hope the author will reply.
  6. It freezes my game when i open the game
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