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  1. That command was the old one, redownload the extractor and packer and re-extract the metadata, then use the new command in the updated guide.

    ertre: the metadata file looks and works fine here. What did you use to edit the file (Notepad, etc.)? The only thing I can think of is somehow switching from Windows-style newlines to UNIX-style ones, which would break the parser.
  2. ertre

    ertre Pirate

    Yes, I used Notepad.
  3. Okay, maybe I misunderstood something, but it's not working for me either.

    The song still plays as if I did nothing to it. It's still the old song; nothing new. Are we not supposed to repack everything at the end; we just shove it in the SRTT folder and it works? I'm a bit confused.

    I followed your instructions to the letter and still nothing. Any kind of help would be lovely.
  4. Did you edit the metadata text file before repacking everything? You need to change the filenames in it to point to the new ones. It's either that or you copied them to the wrong folder/copied them to the wrong folder/changed the .bnk_pc and .mbnk_pc filenames.
  5. Hey Toad King, If I haven't already I want to thank you for helping us...

    anyway when I try to run the bnk_pc_packer I get this error message:

    C:\Users\Mark Mann>bnk_pc_packer radio_swim_media.txt radio_swim_media.bnk_pc
    could not open C:\Users\Mark Mann\Desktop\saints row\00000: song1.wav for readin

    I'd like to note that this time that I used wordpad instead of notepad this time to edit both files,
    (but I may have opened one of them up in notepad)

    once again thanks for the help
  6. while I'm waiting for Toad King to respond, did you ever fix the problem on your own?
  7. You probably edited something before the 000000: <filename> line in the textfile and the parser tripped up on it. You can't have any extra or missing lines or spaces or anything anywhere, the parser is very picky and will fail on errors like that.
  8. ertre

    ertre Pirate

    No, I haven't, I wouldn't know what else I can do to fix it.
  9. Sorry you're having so much trouble. The last thing I could check is if you converted your files correctly.
  10. ertre

    ertre Pirate

    My music files right? Here's a link to one:
    But I doubt that's the problem, seeing as the extracted music files don't work either.

    And you don't have to apologize, I'm just prone to bad computer luck.
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