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  1. Exactly how are you two editing the metadata.txt files before repacking them and the <radio station>.xtbl file? Can you upload those to something like pastebin for me to see? Also, send me a screenshot of the exact command you run to package the files.
  2. Hey I'm having a bit of trouble with making the radio_*_media.mbnk_pc. file

    I tried running the packer in command prompt, but I get this message and I still see only one file

    log.txt output.bnk_pc
    log.txt is generated by bnk_pc_extractor, file filenames edited accordingly
    only filename, id, dmav field are used in packing, the rest are recalculated
    if packing dmav/wav combo files, the .dmav counterpart will be added

  3. You have to run the command with two arguments, like this:

    Code (Text):
    bnk_pc_packer metadata.txt output.bnk_pc
  4. Ok so I tried dragging the packer into the command prompt along with the metafile along with output.bnk_pc

    I got this

    entry count miss-match: expected 1, got 0

    I just want to note that I am also replacing the adult swim radio station and I put the packer, radio_swim_media.txt and the bnk file in a folder called test, you think that may be my problem?
  5. Upload your new metadata.txt file for me to look at. (use or something)
  6. Yeah, only the intro, outro, and commcials works.

    For whatever reason, you need to pack the radio_*_media.mbnk_pc and radio_*_media.bnk_pc back into soundboot.vpp_pc and sounds_common.vpp_pc for it to work. o_O

    It's not that hard to use the bnk_pc_packer.exe. You just need to punch in the right command.


    Code (Text):
    bnk_pc_packer radio_k12_media.txt radio_k12_media_00000.wav radio_k12_media_00002.wav ... radio_k12_media.bnk_pc
  7. ertre

    ertre Pirate

    Here's my metadata:

    And the xbtl:
    It's the unedited one I used when I only replace one song.

    And the command I used was:
    D:\k12>bnk_pc_packer radio_k12_media.txt radio_k12_media.bnk_pc

    Then what I said that some stuff was forgotten was true, if that's the case.
    And the command you posted doesn't work, it gives the same message as kickass667.
  8. I personally wouldn't edit the metdata file and leave it alone and keep the WAV files as radio_*_media_00000.wav radio_*_media_00001.wav ... etc. format. Less headache that way. :cool:

    edit: You need to drag and drop every *.wav files in the bnk_pc_packer for it to work.
  9. ertre

    ertre Pirate

    Already tried that, it doesn't work. No file gets generated.
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